30 June 2014

And now July begins...

One day at a time. We're going into a very busy period. The garden is growing. Home improvement projects are on hold until August. Friends are coming to stay for a few days, arriving Thursday. It's time to make sure the house is ready, and the car too. There are menus to plan and reservations to make (we plan to go to Bourges for a nice restaurant meal on Friday). I also have a string of medical appointments coming up all through July, mostly in Blois but also in Saint-Aignan and down the river in Saint-Georges-sur-Cher. Sigh.

After much searching, I finally found some 2005 photos of the dolmen near Chinon that's called Le Carroir Bon Air. The dog in the photo is Collette, who came with us from California to France in 2003 and died in 2006 at age 14.

These photos are far from earth-shaking, but after spending hours searching for them, I had to post them. It's an impressive monument. The pictures are from June 2005, and the closest village to the dolmen is called Ligré.

Meanwhile, the weather seems to be settling down again. We had quite a bit of rain late last week, and Saturday our planned outdoor feast had to be moved indoors because of frequent showers. Yesterday it was almost cold in the house until late afternoon, when the sun finally managed to warm things up slightly. It's about 50ºF this morning and will be only about 70 this afternoon. At least we didn't get the severe hail storms that damaged the grape crops over near Beaune, in Burgundy, over the weekend — for the third year in a row.


  1. interesting...and collette seems to blend in with the rocks.

  2. We went to Bourges recently. It's brilliant!

  3. I agree, Susan. Walt and I first stumbled upon Bourges in 1993. We were driving up from Provence toward Paris and decided to go across the northern part of the Auvergne and pass through Bourges. I knew the name of the town but I was surprised by the grandeur of the cathedral and the beauty of the old center city. I've been back a few times, most notably with CHM in 2008.

  4. You are getting close to my childhood grounds by going to Bourges. Cool weather is better than too hot; that what I tell my parents when they complain about the chilly summer so far.

  5. These are great photos, Ken -- and having Collette in that first one really helps drive home the size of these things.

    I don't imagine that you're going to be tourist-visiting in Bourges, if you're just going for dinner, but, if you do take photos of the outside and/or inside of the cathedral, I'd enjoy seeing them!

  6. Your area is very similar to my country.The rocks are amazing.


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