09 June 2014

Stormy Monday

This is the town of Preuilly-sur-Claise [pruh-YEE-suyr-KLEHZ], seen from the road as you arrive from Le Grand-Pressigny [luh grã-preh-see-NYEE], in the southern part of Touraine.

We've had an exciting morning. When I woke up just before 6 a.m., the sunrise was a bright, luminous red. I was starting to hear thunder. When I pulled up a shade on a west-facing window, I could see lightning off in the distance.

Ten minutes later, the storm was upon us. The thunder clapped loudly right over the house. Lightning lit up the landscape. Then heavy rain turned into hailstones! They were the size of marbles. I went running down to try to get the car in before it was damaged. Walt also came running down two flights of stairs to help. We got the car into the garage and it doesn't seem to be pock-marked. Then the hail stopped. Close call.

En vous souhaitant un lundi agréable et productif...


  1. What about the tomatoes and other plants in the potager....
    we haven't dared look outside the back yet.

    Pauline suggested I moved the cars into the hangar....
    I was tired at the time... but eventually "gotaroundtuit"...
    very glad she suggested it!!

    Hope your potager is safe...
    hope ours is, too....
    another cuppa and I'll venture out...
    'tis too nice to stay indoors.

    Susan's potager is about half a kilometre to your right as you took that pic...
    hope that's alright, too!
    Et merci, nous esperons!

  2. I woke up with hail slashing at the windows and feared the worst for our potager. We don't appear to have taken any losses, but quite a few plants have holes about an inch across, complete with "hanging chad" (remember that?). If you've lost any plants from your veg patch, please let us know as we may have a replacement. But this stormy episode is far from over. P.

  3. We feared the worst as we had seriously large hailstones, but so far as we can tell damage is minimal.

  4. No damage here. Glad you all down there had none... or hope you didn't.

  5. Holy cow, Ken! Good job on getting the car inside! Dedene showed photos on FB of hail that was bigger than a golf ball!

  6. Yes it was a stormy Monday because I was driving through your country. We were on the coach and it was a terrible stormy night

  7. Glad you escaped damage. The folks in Yvelines weren't so lucky. Some places had tennis ball sized hail.


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