03 June 2014

Une maison Renaissance

This house in Châteaudun, across the road from the Eglise de la Madeleine, was built in 1577. That was toward the end of the French Renaissance of the 16th century. I think it's a beautiful building.

The Renaissance poet Pierre de Ronsard died in Touraine in 1585, and the first English colony in North American was founded that year in what is now North Carolina. Down near Bordeaux, the essayist Michel de Montaigne died in 1592. Henri IV became king of France in 1589, and Catherine de Médicis died that year. Religious wars between Catholic and Protestant factions were raging in France. That pretty much situates it for me. And this house, still standing, was already built.


  1. Wonderful history, thank you!

  2. It really is amazing to think of it that way... to realize that this house was there when those people were alive and kicking... and only 30 short years before, François Ier ended his reign.... same amount of time that you have and Walt have lived together!


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