27 June 2014

Plums, raspberries, grapes, etc.

We had a hard rain yesterday afternoon, for an hour or two. We probably needed it. Other than that episode, the day was warm and sunny. The rain ended just in time for my late afternoon walk.

The plums on the little tree I planted a few years back are ripening nicely.

These are some of the raspberries we picked at the farm in the Sologne a couple of days ago.

There are not really any grapes yet, but the vines are reaching skyward, waiting to be trimmed off.

Finally, here's some evidence that we could use a little more rain. We're supposed to have a rainy day tomorrow.


  1. We got caught in the rain driving back from Cheverny with clients. Claudette leaked through the windscreen onto Simon and my knees, but fortunately not onto the clients!

  2. Fruits are a wonderful thing, n'est-ce pas? :)
    (p.s. Is anyone else having a commenting problem? Now, I find that I have to be logged in first, before my comment will "take". Used to be that I could type my comment, select how I wanted to log in, and then I would get the log in page. Then, I'd type in that info, which would either post my comment, or bring me first to the word verification page... now, it does sign me in, but entirely erases my comment!)

  3. Judy, hi, Blogger is really flaky these days. I do not know why?

  4. Ken , definitely you need more rain in my place situation is better.


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