07 June 2014

Lunch at the Agnès Sorel restaurant in Genillé

On Tuesday, CHM, Walt, and I had lunch at the Restaurant Agnès Sorel in Genillé, a village about a half-hour's drive from Saint-Aignan over in the direction of the town of Loches. Walt posted a photo of the front of the restaurant a couple of days ago. Here are some photos of the food we ate.

I started with a bowl of cream of celery root soup, with some whipped cream, shavings of parmesan cheese, slices of bacon, and chives.

Walt and CHM ordered what was called a mousseline de sandre for their first course. Sandre is a European river fish known in English-speaking countries as zander and resembles pike. The mousseline was a light, puffy concoction that seemed to be made with pureed fish, whipped cream, and maybe egg white, served on  what the restaurant called a buisson or "bush" of salad greens.

For our main courses, Walt and I both had poitrine de porc confite or slow-cooked, caramelized pork belly with spring vegetables. Delicious.

CHM had lotte (monkfish) for his main course. This is his photo of the dish (merci). I thought it was really beautifully served.

For dessert, we all ordered what was called a délice d'enfants.  It was a clafoutis of rhubarb with a little cup of strawberry sorbet on the side.

With our coffees, the restaurant served three little Paris-Brest cream puffs filled with a coffee-flavored cream. Oh, and we had a bottle of Loire Valley rosé from Bourgueil with the meal. The price of the menu was 25 euros per person and the wine was 28 euros for the bottle.


  1. It all looks gorgeous and so beautifully presented and excellent value. I might have to copy some of those recipes! Sharon


  2. The month is young indeed.
    Great images of some fine food.
    The dessert presentation is really well done.

  3. Looks delicious. I like the idea of the clafoutis of rhubarb.

    1. Gaynor.... I just like the idea of clafoutis!!

  4. "as zander and resembles pike"....
    'Tis also known as a pike-perch...
    as it also has characteristics of the perch.

    Where it was introduced in the UK it has become a voracious pest...
    not helped by the fact that UK anglers don't seem to like killing the fish, just torturing them....
    so they put them back!!
    They don't know what they are missing...
    my favourite fish!

    That food looks absolutely wonderful...
    as does the presentation...
    some look too well presented to eat....
    not that that would stop me!!

  5. You got a lot of bang for your buck! Mouth watering dishes at a very reasonable price. Would be twice that in Paris, non?

  6. a beautiful lunch! and i love the shot on the next post 'thru the wine glass' - thanks for sharing.


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