08 June 2013


On Wednesday, CHM and I took a drive west through several villages along the Cher River — Céré-la-Ronde, Francueil, Saint-Georges-sur-Cher, Chisseaux, Chissay — and on to the town of Montrichard. Along the way, we passed by the Château de Montpoupon and stopped to take a photo or two. This is about 10 miles from our house.

The weather here has been very warm — we would say hot, but people who live in other climates might disagree — since June started last weekend. Yesterday the temperature on the terrace, where we spent a good part of the day with CHM, friends Jean and Nick, and Callie, reached 28ºC (82ºF). Storms threaten, but continue to skirt by us to the south or north. Tant mieux, because our leaky roof couldn't handle any more rain.

I had to go to Blois for another doctor's appointment early yesterday morning, and I have to go back today. I won't go into details. CHM accompanied me yesterday, and this morning Walt will make the drive to Blois with us too. CHM will take the train back to Paris later today, and Walt and I will do some shopping in and around Blois before coming back to enjoy another warm afternoon on the terrace here at la Renaudière. There's no telling how many more we might have, or might not have. It's pretty nice right now.


  1. Wish CHM a smooth trip back to Paris. It was good to see him last Monday.
    Hope doctor's visit is nothing serious, take care.

  2. May your Gods be with you at the Doctors...
    Thinking of you, T&P

  3. Sounds like a nice visit with chm, and I'm so happy for you to have nice weather. Hope all is well.


  4. I love photos like these.


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