07 June 2013

Céleri rémoulade et saumon fumé en roulades

Here's the dish Walt, CHM, and I made on Monday to take to the bloggers' party hosted by Martine, J-L, and B over in Pouillé. It was celery root in a cream & mayonnaise sauce (requested by Martine), with smoked salmon and olives. Walt made roulades of the salmon by filling them with the céleri rémoulade (link to recipe).

The photo makes the celery root dish look like something out of the Larousse Gastronomique. Old-fashioned, in other words. But the whole thing was a treat for the eyes and the taste buds, if you like celery and salmon.


  1. before reading your text, that was my thought. "Hmmmm, 1960's appetizer"

    With the right mayo (home made), this is an excellent dish

  2. We can vouch for that!
    The dish was absolutely delicious. Bravo, Walt.

  3. It was indeed delicious and I liked the "old fashioned look".

  4. Scrummy... now I'll have to eat something... done it again Ken!

  5. I would have passed on the smoked salmon, but I've still got to try the céleri rémoulade, as I've never had it, and I know you guys have come up with the perfect sauce for it :)

  6. If it tasted anywhere near as good as it looks, it must have been fantastic!


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