05 June 2013


The days are so busy and the time is so short. Today, I'm cooking (an American specialty, Brunswick Stew), filing my tax return (la déclaration d'impôts) for which the deadline is Friday, and trying to keep up with this blog.

Walt watching a train from Tours that's getting ready to pull out of the station

Today I planned to post a couple of photos of the main courses we had at lunch on Saturday in the restaurant in Bracieux, but I just realized that have only one decent shot. When CHM is up and moving in a few minutes, I'll see if he has any photos I might use and post them tomorrow.

The Blois train station's restaurant, not crowded at noon on a Saturday

Meanwhile, here are a few shots I took in the train station in Blois that same day.

An informational sign in the station

By the way, I haven't mentioned the nice party we were invited to Monday afternoon over in the neighboring village of Pouillé. Ladybird / Martine, visiting from Belgium,  and her friends J-L and B who have a house here, were the hosts. There were 15 of us, mostly local bloggers, and we enjoyed conversation and a great lunch al fresco in their garden for the whole afternoon.

Waiting for the crowd to arrive at lunchtime on a Saturday

It was an international crowd, with attendees from Belgium, Australia, Wales, England, Scotland, and the U.S. We got sunburned — can you believe that?


  1. We are yet to meet Ladybird other than by email and blogging - maybe when we are back in 2014 we'll have the opportunity. Socializing is a rewarding part of travel.

  2. Enjoy your Brunswick stew- it is not sweet like our local bbq.

    So many bloggers! Must have been fun.

  3. Visiting, socializing, sun, food, international atmosphere-- great fun:)

  4. It was fun... excellent food, wines and company.

    From, the Welsh and English contingents!

  5. It must be terrific to share bits about blogging with your blogging friends. Friendship and socializing will keep up going...research has shown!

  6. sorry ... keep "us" going.

  7. Every time I see a photo of a European train station, I get the strongest feeling of wanderlust!


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