30 May 2011

A spider's nest

MétéoFrance is teasing us with a forecast of showers and even thunderstorms later today and overnight. If we get any moisture at all, it will be welcome. It looks like the showers and storms won't really get activated until they move into the eastern half of the country, leaving us still high and still dry.

Time to go water some things out in the garden, sparingly. Below, a sight I've been seeing fairly frequently out in the vineyard on my walks: what appears to be a spider's nest.

Un nid d'araignée ?

Sometimes the hole in the center of the web is more difficult to see, but sometimes it's even clearer, looking darker and deeper, than the one in my picture. What I haven't yet seen is the spider. The web gives you the impression that it would be a fierce-looking creature.


  1. Ken,
    I live your banner. Is it new or have I just woken up?

  2. I like your banner too!

    Memo to self: 'proof read even the brief pieces of text'......

  3. Touch the web with a twig to see if the spider runs out to check what he/she has caught.

  4. Good idea, Andrew. I'll try it.

    GaynorB, I changed my banner just a few days ago. Thanks.

  5. Nice photos.

    Around these parts, they're called funnel-web spiders, and I see their webs whenever I go hiking. I just looked them up; there are over 300 species in North America alone.

    It's still cold here. Last night, I covered my pepper plants in hopes of improving their health.

  6. Interesting. That thing is so big, is the spider trying to capture a rabbit?


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