09 May 2011

Enjoying the Saint-Aignan summer

I just can't help feeling that we are having all of our summer weather now. Yesterday we spent the afternoon visiting friends and eating a long leisurely lunch outdoors, under a big tilleul or linden tree. It was warm and pleasant in the shade. It would have been too hot in the sun.

Sky view over the vineyard yesterday at 9:00 p.m.

Weather forecasts say this weather will continue until at least the end of the week. That means I need to go out and do some watering. And it gives me plenty of time to till up the last two garden plots this week. Walt has 47 (!) tomato seedlings ready to go into the garden, along with 30 or so aubergine (eggplant) and some squash, cucumber, and various other plants.

You do days of painting and this is what you end up with.
At least it's all clean.

Meanwhile, I finished the painting upstairs but I still have three more doors to paint. I'll put them on sawhorses down in the
garage and do them there, if Bertie will let me. I don't need an abundance of short black cat hairs sticking to every painted surface. It should be interesting.

When we first saw
the house and moved in,
not only the walls
and ceilings but also
the door panels were
covered in the same
old-fashioned wallpaper.



  1. In a way, I liked that old fashioned wallpaper, but there was definitely too much of it!

    You did a great job.

  2. The paint job looks great :)
    We've jumped right into summer, too... already 80s and muggy!


  3. The doors are much more than clean, they're beautiful! I like the molding and the hardware and, having seen all that wallpaper in your house, I'm glad to see it gone.

    Well, I'm off to my new (to me) house to start day one of my painting project. When I get tired and discouraged, I'll think of how you perservered.


  4. do you see the spot you missed on the door? It stands out like a sore thumb.

  5. I don't think I've ever heard a man say "Let's wallpaper this room". I think wallpaper is a female thing.

  6. Love the hardware and woodwork. But you must really miss the wallpaper! (Did you save just one inside panel on one door?)

  7. I didn't mind the paper itself, CHM, but I especially didn't like it on the ceilings. The paper had started to look dingy over the past eight years.

    Bill, yikes! I went and repainted all the doors again, just for good measure, after I read your comment. Maybe I ought to paint them purple or red so I can clearly see where I might have missed a spot.

    Mitch, no, we didn't save any wallpaper, but we have plenty of pictures of it. There are several in this old post.

    Starman, not sure how your theory applies to France.

  8. Oh, Ken, thanks for connecting me with those earlier images. I don't know how you survived that wallpaper. Somebody got a bit carried away, I think. Enjoy the visual serenity!

  9. Wonderful sky. http://calogeromiratraveland.wordpress.com


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