21 May 2011

Il pleut

Mais le soleil brille en même temps. It won't last, but we are getting a few drops.

By the time I got this picture uploaded to the blog, the rain had stopped.


  1. You guys are certainly getting your money's worth from that window.

  2. Even a little bit of rain is better than none. I love the view.

  3. MDR, Starman. That upstairs room is where I spend a lot of my time, especially evenings, so that Velux serves as my window on the outside world.

    Hi Nadège. We are thinking of going to Decize, among other places, in October.

  4. A mirror image of the weather in New England. The sun made an unexpected appearance yesterday after being gone for a week (and a good part of the Spring so far), but it only lasted a few hours. Then the damp, cool weather returned.

  5. Hello Bob Rossi, I've been hearing about the damp, chilly weather in New England and other parts of the U.S. Northeast. As you said, a mirror image. Let's hope you soon get a little of our kind of weather and we get some of your kind.


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