21 December 2010

Fouées = pita bread

After posting yesterday on the topic of fouées de Touraine, the local flatbread, I went on Google and searched for recipes for pita bread. Result: it seems to me that they are the same thing, at least as far as the present-day incarnation of the fouée seems to go. The recipes for the two breads that I found were essentially the same.

Fouées ready to be flattened and go into the oven...

Ours were good (credit to Walt). All I did was find and print out the recipes I found on line. Oh, and then watch and take some pictures while he was making them. By the way, here's a link to a pita bread recipe that is pretty much the same as the fouée de Touraine recipe we used. As far as I know, they don't sell packaged pita bread in the Saint-Aignan area supermarkets.

...and freshly out, brushed with olive oil

To go with the fouées, I cooked some « pois du Cap », which would mean "Capetown peas" or, in my brand of English, big Lima beans. We also had a purée of chick peas and potatoes (leftovers), a couple of thin slices of ham panned in butter, and a good green salad.

Pois du Cap — Capetown peas or what I call big Lima beans

It was a good lunch for a winter day. Winter, by the way, is arriving much warmer than late autumn has been here in Saint-Aignan. Our high temperature today was at least 25 degrees F (13 degrees C) higher than it was just two or three days ago.

Ham (jambon de Paris)

In other words, we are having a nice thaw. This while Paris, Normandy, and Picardy are suffering under a heavy snowfall. England too. The airports in Paris, London, and Brussels are chaotic, with many canceled flights and many would-be fliers sleeping on chairs and floors in airport waiting areas. I'm glad I don't have to go anywhere this week.

Prendre l'avion en décembre — quelle mauvaise idée !

Today is Walt's birthday. Wish him a Happy.


  1. Those fouées look smashing Ken... very tasty.

  2. Those do look delectable. When you cut into them, are they as fully hollow as pita is?


  3. I called at 11:30 am your time and the nest was empty. Left a message with my best wishes for a very happy birthday to Walt. Can't leave a comment on his blog, because it takes forever to open the comment box with dial-up! LOL

  4. CHM, we were out getting new tires put on the car.

    Judy, they had a little more mie than pita pockets sometimes do.

  5. When I read your blog the lovely photos and writing often make me hungry! But then, I read your blog before breakfast, so the remedy is at hand.

  6. I know people have schedules that force them to travel at this time of year, but I avoid it as much as possible.

  7. chm, sorry we missed your call. And thanks for the good wishes! I don't know why the comment box takes so long...


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