31 May 2010

A crabby spider?

I was out walking around in the vineyard with the dog a couple of afternoons ago, taking pictures. The sun was out and everything looked bright and clean.

A white spider on a daisy

Click on the image for a close-up view.

I stopped to take a picture of some nice daisies growing just on the eastern side of the a vineyard plot, right on the edge of some woods. Then I noticed, as often happens, there was a creature on one of the flowers. It most likely is one of these: Misumena vatia, a species of crab spider.

When I tried to take a closer picture, the spider hid
on the underside of the flower.

I think it must be a spider, but it looks a lot like a crab. As far as I know, we don't have any crabs around here (no wisecracks, please). There are probably écrevisses — crayfish — in the rivers and streams, but I've never seen any.

I tried one last time.

Today Coco and crew are supposed to come to start up the final phase of the upstairs construction project. We are on the edge of our seat, waiting. I know at least one person who is going to be very disappointed if they "pose us a rabbit" — that's what you say in French when somebody stands you up: « On m'a posé un lapin. » I'm not sure why they say it that way.


  1. Oh, YUCK. I could hardly read your post today just because it had the spider closeup photos :) Isn't it funny that something as innocuous as that could make me so uncomfortable?

    I'm happy for you two that the flooring has come! (re Walt's facebook post). It's AMAZING that they almost nailed it down upside down!


  2. I know you've been working on
    the wallpaper, Ken. Am curious
    whether it's come off the ceiling
    yet.....maybe that's what the
    contractors did. Hope so, nasty

  3. Ken, There definitely are crayfish in the Touraine streams. On a sunny day you can see them in the shallow waters near the river banks, as if they were trying to take in some sun! We've seen some on several occasions.

  4. It certainly looks like a crab. I found this on Google: http://www.virginmedia.com/digital/science/pictures/spiders.php?ssid=5

  5. Hmmm, I see you need some validation here.
    I think that's a really cool spider!

  6. Merci, Chrissou. Tu es gentille comme toujours.

    Judy, sorry.

    Sheila, I need to get to work on that ceiling.

    Starman, thanks for the link.

    Ladybird, I figured there must be crayfish in the local waters but I haven't seen them myself.


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