01 May 2010

Un papillon qui n'a pas peur

These little butterflies are fearless. They just sit there as you put your camera lens dangerously close to them, and let you take a picture. Further proof of this creature's sang-froid is in a post I did about a year ago.

The pictures above and below are actually the same picture. I just cropped and sized them differently.
Here's one more, from a different angle. It's a little blurry.

Our weather has changed drastically — instead of sunny and warm, it is gray, drizzly, and damp. But that's okay. The plants and the garden need the moisture. It's now May, but so far April was nicer.

Work in the attic starts up again Monday, so the peace and quiet is over along with the nice weather.


  1. Butterflies are less skittish than birds or cats or squirrels or anything, it seems. They're so peaceful:)

    We had big-time storms last night... tornado sirens going off everywhere. There were rain-wrapped wind funnels flying around and several spots in the Missouri/Illinois area within a 50-mile radius had tornado touch-downs, with big damage. It's been crazy! This morning, though... clear, calm, slightly hazy, 60... birds chirping... quite nice for May 1 :))


  2. What a beautiful butterfly. The wing pattern looks like fine silk fabric.
    It is supposed to rain all weekend here. I did pick a bouquet of lilies of the valley was picked for today. Happy 1st of May.

  3. I am offering you a "brin de muguet" even though it would be really hard to find one in lala land.

  4. Judy, glad you are safe and sound.

    Anon, Hope you have had or are having a nice May 1 too.

    Nadège, thank you for the virtual sprig of lily of the valley.

  5. Ton papillon est très coopérant ;-) ! I took lots of pics of nice ones in "L'Île aux Papillons" on Noirmoutier island in Vendée 3 years ago !


    And I also loved the visit of a similar place on Jersey Island lots of years ago :-)

    I've found a web site which lists hundreds of similar places in the world !



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