29 May 2010

Mind your head

About 10 days ago, Martine from Belgium (“Wishing she was in France”) was visiting here in the Loire Valley. She was traveling and serving unofficially as tour guide for two francophone friends of hers from the Brussels area. They came to Saint-Aignan for an evening.

The Guerriers' wine cave in Mareuil-sur-Cher
has a very low door frame and a low vaulted ceiling.

Thanks to Ladybird (Martine) for the photo

Walt and I had them over to our house for a glass of wine, and then we went around the corner to Jean-Noël and Chantal Guerrier's wine cellar for a tasting and to buy a few bottles (or jugs) of the local specialties.

Martine took this picture as we were leaving for dinner in a Saint-Aignan restaurant. She gave me permission to post it here. That's me in the middle, with the Guerriers, and on each side are Martine's friends. We had a very nice evening with them and I'm happy to have this photo as a souvenir.


  1. Hi Ken,

    I never cease to be amazed at your seemingly inexhaustible supply of hospitality. I assume that all of your visitors, many of whom you've never meet before, are treated as well as I was on my visit to Rue de La Renaudiér. Perhaps it has something to do with being brought up in North Carolina or perhaps it's that you've made a truly nice guy of yourself.

  2. Ken, You're welcome! And thanks again for the lovely evening we spent together. As I mentionned in my e-mail, my friends consider this as one of the highlights of their Loire Valley stay... Martine

  3. Thanks for the photo, Martine- the lighting is nice and I can tell everyone is enjoying themselves.

    Ken and Walt, you are wonderful hosts. We were once welcomed at your home as complete strangers. Since then we've brought several friends along with us and all of them say their time in the Loire was special.

  4. Starman, I'm less than 6 feet tall. Maybe 5'11" now — I think I've shrunk a little with age. But here I sometimes feel like a giant.

  5. Do you have any pictures of the interior of the cellar?

  6. Hi Ann, I didn't take any pictures that day but Martine did and she might post some on her blog "Wishing I were in France" soon.


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