24 May 2010

Cue the weather

It's as if the organizers of the Roland Garros tennis tournament — Les Internationaux de France — said "Cue the good weather. The day has come."

The tournament started yesterday. And the good weather arrived, right on cue. It's sunny, a little breezy, and almost hot — even though the temperatures are still mostly in the mild 70s F.

Detail of ironwork at the château in Saint-Aignan —
it's almost saying “Ta da! Look at the blue sky!”

Yesterday the high temperature at our house near Saint-Aignan, in deep shade was 26.3ºC — 79.3ºF. It's the bright sun that makes it feel hot out. There is no humidity to speak of. It's like good California weather.

Arriving at the château in Saint-Aignan
via the monumental staircase

Watching the tennis, cooking on the grill, working in the garden, sitting in the shade just reading and listening to the radio. As they say: Elle est pas belle, la vie ? — life is good.


  1. Wasn't Jo-Wilfried's match great yesterday?!

  2. Hi Ken, As part of the good life, you forgot to mention: Sipping Jean-No's excellent wine! :)) Thanks again for taking us there. It was great fun, as were the apéros at your place and excellent dinner au Crêpiot! I'll mail you some photos later this week. Martine

  3. You must all feel so "alive" with this gorgeous weather.
    (David Lebovitz's blog is about Malbec wine today).

  4. Now you can really enjoy life in France.

  5. I hope your contractors aren't sitting at home watching tennis. I'm getting upset with them - we want to see progress! :)


  6. Wow, I bet you had a real great time there in France. You're lucky because you got the chance to go to different landmarks, including the chateau in Saint-Aignan. I like the gates, though they are quite scary, as they look like they can easily puncture a human body. Is the weather still warm in your town?


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