04 May 2010

Bye-bye ladders

The weather has turned cold, but progress is being made. Yesterday the work crew, headed by Jacques « Coco » Aubin, returned to work as scheduled. We were glad to see them. A week without hammering and sawing was peaceful, but the attic job needs to be finished.

When Coco came in, Walt went to talk to him. "We're putting the staircase in today," Coco announced. We were surprised. We had been operating on the assumption that the stairs would be the last thing put in.

Here's Coco inspecting the staircase work.

But flooring still needs to be put down upstairs. And closet doors. All the taping and mudding of the plasterboard has to be finished.

At the end of the day yesterday,
the stairs were in place.

To protect the stairs for the duration of the travaux, Coco and his crew taped pieces of cardboard to all the steps. That will work, I think, to keep the bare wood from getting too dirty as the crew runs up and down.

Looking down from the attic

At the end of the day yesterday, we were able to walk up the stairs ourselves. Callie came up too, but she didn't like it. I'm sure she'll get used to the staircase. It's pretty steep, and fairly narrow. But it occupies its space unobtrusively. I like it.


  1. Looks great.

    Did you take the first photo through the dining-room's door?

    By the way, what about the aucuba?

  2. CHM, the aucuba is just sitting there. I fed it, but it's not making any new leaves. I don't know what else to do besides repotting it or planting it out in the yard. I haven't chosen a spot for it yet.

    And yes, that first photo is one I took through the dining room doors, which are closed for the duration. Furniture that was on the landing is sitting in front of those doors, on the dining room side.

  3. Very nice, indeed! It certainly looks like this style fits quite well. Will there be any kind of door or entry or something upstairs, or will it just be open?


  4. It looks fantastic. I bet you're both thrilled with it. I know I would be.

  5. The staircase looks great and is quite compact. Bet you can't wait to have the work all done.

  6. Have you noticed a difference since the insulation is done upstairs? It will look fabulous!

  7. Looks great and , I guess, bringing the furniture upstairs will be a challenge and some sweats but for a good cause :-)

  8. The Beaver, the biggest object we will have to move up there is a king-size mattress. At least it's flexible. The sofa is three pieces and each is very light. The TV is a flat-screen model so not heavy either. We'll manage somehow.

    Judy, upstairs will just be open -- no door or landing. We have the main level that way too, because we almost never close the French doors that divide the living/dining room off from the landing and stairs. We both like the open plan and feel.

  9. Hooray for stairs! It's looking good.

  10. That's a very nice looking staircase. I think once there's some finish work around the upstairs opening, Callie will seem more at ease. Dogs don't usually like open stairs--and nor do I.

  11. Hi Emm, Callie was having no trouble running up and down the stairs yesterday afternoon. It will feel and look a lot better up in the attic after they've installed the railings around that big stair cavity.


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