18 December 2009

Not good weather for travel

Here in Saint-Aignan:
  • the sun rises today at 8:28 a.m.
  • the sun sets today at 5:04 p.m.
  • yesterday's high was about 0ºC (32ºF)
  • the low today was -2.2ºC (+28ºF)
  • we have two inches (5 cm) of snow on the ground
  • skies are gray and the light is dim
  • more snow will fall today and over the weekend
It's probably not a good time to be traveling in Touraine — or anywhere in the northern parts of France. Paris has snow on the ground, and that's pretty unusual. Several subway lines are on strike, and ticket agents in some train stations are on strike too. The autoroutes are iced over and the cars are moving along like lines of escargots, both in and all around Paris.

Scene out the kitchen window

The Télématin news just ran a report on the A10 autoroute that runs from Paris to Bordeaux, passing through La Touraine. A lot of cars skidded off the roadway yesterday near Tours, so southbound traffic was reduced to one lane. And then in the evening the autoroute was completely shut down for trucks to get out to sand and salt the road. Drivers were required to exit the autoroute at the toll both south of Tours and get onto local roads to continue their journey. It looked like a royal mess — la pagaille.

Looking out the back window over the vineyard

It's good to be able to stay in the house. I haven't taken many pictures because there just isn't enough light to make it worthwhile to go walking around outside. And it's too cold anyway (I'll take Callie out this afternoon). When the sun shines again — maybe tomorrow, I say, ever the optimist — I'll take the camera outdoors. For tomorrow, we are right on the western edge of the area that is supposed to get more snow. For Sunday, we are in the middle of it.

The back yard, looking out toward the vegetable garden

It will be interesting to see if the bread lady and her little white van make it up the hill today with our baguette. If not, tant pis, I guess. I got the impression yesterday that she wasn't going to be too eager even to try it. We have yesterday's baguette in the freezer, because Walt made pizzas for lunch. Today, it'll be steamy hot vegetable soup.


  1. I'm so glad I'm far away from that beautiful but awful stuff!

  2. yummm, steamy, hot veggie soup :)

    I remember that it snowed about like this (maybe a little less) the year that Walt and I were in Paris, and it was right about this time, just before Christmas week. I remember coming out of the Louvre in the late afternoon; the sky was that quiet, white overcast that it gets when it snows, and there was a lovely calm in the air... and a good dusting of snow-- probably 1/2 an inch at that point. It was that nice, clean, early snow. Very nice.


  3. and here in central VA, we're supposed to get a lot of snow over the weekend......i've seen forecasts of anything from 6 to as much as 20 inches......i guess the grocery stores will do a great business today....i just fear losing power (and thus no heat or internet!) and worst of all, my husband has to work all weekend (he's a nurse so he might end up sleeping at the hospital since we don't have a 4 wheel drive.....but i do love the snow (after growing up in new orleans, it's such a thrill, even for a 60 yr old)

  4. It's raining like la vache qui pisse here;-)

  5. Good time for a hot chocolate!

  6. Hearing from my facebook buddies in inland NC that they have snow. Wondering about the coastal region where your family is...

  7. Lots of snow here in western NC tonight, so Melinda's forecasts were correct. There's a good 4-5 inches on the ground so far, but I don't think the snow goes as far east as the coast and your family. No traffic, as things pretty well shut down in the afternoon.

    It's beautiful and quiet and very cold. And I'm very happy it will all melt off in a day or so and that I don't have to shovel it.

  8. I'm pretty sure it did not snow all the way down to the N.C. coast, but I haven't heard from anybody there. I see that Washington DC is supposed to get 1 to 2 feet of snow today and tomorrow!


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