27 October 2009

A day of departures

We are on our way out the door to drive to the TGV station at St-Pierre-des-Corps, in the suburbs of Tours. It takes about an hour to get there, and Walt's train to the airport leaves at 8:03.

Here are a couple of pictures I found this morning while nosing around on my computer. First one of Jean-Luc and S. in their little Peugeot convertible. It was taken in May 2008, and I'm not even sure I took it. It might have been Cheryl, who was visiting from California then.

Jean-Luc and S. in May 2008, with Mo in the back seat

And then here's a photo of the village church, just to give you an idea what it looks like. The funeral service is at 2:30 this afternoon. I'll have plenty of time to drive back from Tours, rest a little, and get some appropriate clothes on before then.

The village church where the funeral service will take place

Yesterday I had a chance to talk to Jean-Luc's father and tell him what a good friend his son had been to us. I don't know why I hadn't done that earlier, but now I'm glad I did.

P.S. at 9:30 a.m. I'm back home and Walt got on the train as scheduled. He should be arriving at the airport in the next 20 minutes. Callie was really glad to see me when I got home. She does not enjoy having her regular schedule disrupted.

P.P.S. at 10:30 a.m. Just talked to Walt. His train got to CDG airport on time. Now he just has to wait about 2½ hours before his flight takes off. I have about 3 hours before the funeral.


  1. It is so hard to lose friends and loved ones; the worst part is that as we get older, it will happen more often. My parents don't have any friends their age left and out-living your children is horrible. Jean-Luc was still young and his death so sudden it makes it even harder. I am glad you talked to his father. (You guys looked very cool is the convertible Peugeot).

  2. Hi Ken,

    You've made us feel such a part of your mourning for Jean-Luc.

    I've set an alarm to remind me when the funeral starts so that I can be there in absentia and share your grief and that of all his friends and family.

  3. Thanks Nadège and Bill,

    I'm leaving just now for the church.

    By the way, I never meant to imply that Jean-Luc was a pillar of the community. He was a guy who was figuring things out one day at a time, like most of us. My bond with him, besides that I just liked him from the time I met him, was our Paris experience. He talked the talk that I learned back then, when I was having my second growing-up in France.

  4. Today's title suits it perfectly. I think it's about time for Jean Luc's funeral. It's a rainy day here in Alabama- I hope your weather is better. A sunny day seems to give one more comfort.

    I'm glad you had a chance to talk to J L's dad and thanks for the photo of happier days.

    The headlines of our paper detail the sudden death of a well loved state representative and grocer from here. It was a heart attack and he was 54. Many are in the kind of shock you would understand.

  5. We hope it went ok, Ken. We were thinking about you.

  6. You guys seem to take a lot of 'separate' trips. Is there a reason for that?

  7. Starman, what an odd comment and question.

  8. Starman

    Think of Callie and you will have your answer :-)

  9. Judy, Starman's comment struck me as odd too. But the Beaver is right, of course.

    Starman, most of the time one of us stays here with Callie. We did manage to go to the Auvergne together because we could take Callie. But she hates riding in the car. As for going to NY to see Walt's family, or to NC to see mine, it is very expensive for both of us to go. We did it in 2006, however, and both had a really nice time in both places, as well as in Washington DC, Atlanta, Alabama, and Illinois, where we visited and stayed with friends. That was one of our best trips ever.

    Now you might be curious to know why I haven't been back to California since I moved to France 6½ years ago, after having lived there for 18 years. Mysteries...

  10. We did travel together a lot in 2006, after our first dog, Collette died. We went many places in France, and spent 4 weeks in the US. We also went to Spain, with Collette, in 2004.

    When we were in California, we traveled a lot with the dog, going camping and things. We also could afford a dog sitter back then when we traveled to Europe. Those days are gone, but we don't need to travel to Europe any more!

  11. I didn't mean to upset anyone, I was just curious.


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