22 October 2009


I woke up late this morning and was suprised I had slept that long. I felt groggy and a little blue when I got up and started doing the regular morning jobs — making tea, turning on the news and weather reports, taking clothes out of the washing machine and hanging them up to dry.

At some point I looked out the window and realized how pretty the morning was. There was a light haze or brume over the vineyard, but the sun was coming up and it was going to be a bright day.

Looking out the bedroom window

It is, too. Now it's time for me to get showered and dressed so that I can take a trip to the supermarket. That will cheer me up. Lettuce, milk, eggs, leeks, onions, vinegar... and whatever looks good.

Saint-Aignan skies five years ago today, B.B. (Before Blogging)

I don't have a lot to say today. What am I doing this October? Learning how to start fires and clean out the wood-burning stove. Walt will soon be leaving to spend a couple of weeks in America, and Callie and I will need to know how to keep warm. (Of course I can always turn on the central heat...)

I started this blog four years ago, in October 2005. Gosh.


  1. Happy Anniversary! Your blog is a wonderful testament to your life here in France.
    Hope you get the fire burning.

  2. Ken, glad you have been so dedicated to the blog. I look forward to reading you each day and I have learned so much. I'm now counting the days until we are permanently back in France.

  3. Congratulations. Keep up the good work!

  4. Good morning Ken, and from us, good night.
    We look forward to waking up to your next day of "living the life".
    It goes down well with our morning coffee before work.

  5. congrats on anniversary....i must've "discovered" you early on...it would be hard to stay depressed in such a lovely place....nothing a camembert & glass of vin couldn't cure...or a trip to a market, or a walk in the vineyard

  6. Happy anniversary! I enjoy reading your blog everyday and love your photos :)

  7. Happy blogging anniversairy, keeping your faithful readers happy.

  8. Happy blogiversary, Ken. I can imagine what it was like without your blog- sort of depressing like the short days of winter.

    I've read every blog and punched lots of your beautiful pictures to make them full screen. I did that one just today of the autumn sky- it gave me some sunny thoughts of France.

    You do a good thing when you write to your friends here. Thanks.

    PS Good luck with getting the fires going when Walt is gone.

  9. I'll gladly join the chorus and wish you at least another 4 years. It enriches the lives of a lot of people to be a part of your life. You entertain us and inform us every day in a warm and beautiful way.

    To risk a cliche, you are indeed a gentleman and a scholar and we feel privileged to know you.

  10. Merci Ken. I have learned a lot through your writings about food, cheese, wine and different regions of l'hexagone that I didn't know of or about and through your blog I have "been introduced to" some new friends and a "cousin" :-)

    Keep up the good work and it is a pleasure to check your site everyday and I look forward to continue learning new things from your blog

  11. Thanks again for your daily blog. It's nice to keep in touch with you and France this way.

  12. Hi Ken,

    Happy blog anniversary! It was your blog that introduced me to blogsphere. That was in the spring of 2008, when I was surfing the internet looking for a review of the ‘Mange Grenouille’ restaurant in Saint-Aignan. I’ve been an avid reader of your blog ever since.

    I hope you’ll go on for at least another five* years!


    * Who's counting? ;)

  13. Keep warm my blog friend. You have a first class blog and I love reading it every day.

    Victoria, Bellingham, WA

  14. Congratulations to you both -- and to Callie!

  15. Here's another Ellen, and another of your faithful followers, chiming in... thank you for your wonderful blog, Ken!

  16. Happy blogiversary. Well done!

  17. I dread my other half going away for a while. I get grumpy beforehand and miss him terribly but the time usually passes quickly as I lurch from one domestic crisis to another in his absence.

    I only discovered your blog a few months ago and really enjoy it and appreciate all the trouble you take to educate and enthrall us.

  18. Here's a blogiversary tip: Slow Food Bastille is organizing an online recipe contest to assemble recipes transmitted from person to person, through family or friends... Here's the link:


    The award ceremony will take place in Euro Gusto, the next French "Salone del Gusto" in Tours, in November.

  19. Happy Anniversary! I must have stumbled upon our blog early on, and look forward every day to reading of your beautiful place, wonderful food, and just learning about things in your lovely part of France. You have such a natural ease in your writing that completely takes me in.

    I know you must be feeling sad about Walt leaving, so I'm glad you will know how to light the fire to keep warm and will be in such a cozy place until you are all reunited!

    Donna in SF


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