04 June 2007

Blogging in Paris is in Saint-Aignan

We are pleased to have a visitor from Paris this week. The visitor is Claude, author of the blogs called Blogging in Paris in English and Vieux, c'est mieux !!! in French. She takes and posts a lot of beautiful photos.

Claude drove down from Paris through yesterday's violent thunderstorms and torrential rains. The last shower passed over La Renaudière just before she arrived at about 6:30, and we were able to sit out on the front "terrace" (I like the words porch or deck better but friends have told me that what we have is neither) to talk and have a glass of rosé wine yesterday evening.

Today Claude and I are going out to do some light sightseeing while Walt stays home with the dog. He'll also be cooking lunch.

Here's Callie anxiously awaiting Claude's arrival.

I'm sure I'll have a few pictures of local sights to post tomorrow.


  1. How wonderful that you are hosting Claude for a few days. One of the signs that tells you it's really Claude is that, after a few days, she may ask to eat turkey with all the trimmings. This seems to happen only with Americans, strangely. I look forward to reading about your adventures in Saint-Aignan. Bob F

  2. It's great that you connected with Claude! And I love the story of your mutual friends. Enjoy the sightseeing, and thanks for another great photo of Callie. Molly and I enjoy the puppy photos very much!

  3. Wish we were there...

  4. I am so jealous. I wish we were there with you for a little "light sight seeing."

    Next year we all have to meet up in France. We don't have to go to visit Les Egouts again though.

  5. Ditto the comments about looking forward to hearing about your adventures with Claude. Looks like Callie has pretty much claimed that top step as her own. It's amusing to see how she gets herself all curled up to fit on the step. Wonder what will happen when she gets bigger.

  6. Lucky Claude!

    I call that deck/porch/terrace/ the "balcony."


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