02 December 2015

Une maison, trois photos

We are spending our 13th winter in this house, and with a new boiler it feels a little bit like a new house. Neither one of us has ever lived in one house for so long, with the exception of my childhood home (1951-1967). Our house in the Loire Valley is a 1960s vintage structure on a half-acre (2300 m²) of land. I'd almost be embarrassed to tell you how little we paid for it.

Above is a view of the back yard, looking east toward the house at sunrise last week. The house is about 170 square meters, meaning 1800 square feet. It's at least as large as the house we lived in in San Francisco before we relocated to France, and — country vs. city — we have 10 times as much land.

And here's a view of the house from across the road, where I was standing in our neighbors' yard. Since we moved here in 2003, we've replaced nearly all the windows in the house, and we added a couple of skylight windows when we had the attic finished and made into new living space in 2010. Except for the new windows, the place looks exactly like it did when we moved here 12 years ago. I took these photos last Friday.

I'll never understand why the people who had the house built nearly 50 years ago set it backwards on the lot. This is the back of the house, facing west and overlooking the back yard. It would have been nice to have the front terrace on this side of the house, for the privacy and the nice views of the yard and the vineyard. Oh well... there's no place like home.


  1. I always enjoy photos of your house and yard -- these are very nice :)

  2. Me too, Judy.

    I think you two picked a good house--the right size for you, modern(ish), in good condition, in a quiet setting, and convenient to the stores and services you need.

  3. You got your money's worth in this house. It suits you well and was/is perfect for Collette and Callie. Your French country home sweet home.

  4. I like your house. And what you paid, whatever the amount, is probably what we'd like to pay for a place, lol. When you finished the attic, did it double your square footage?

  5. I am suffering from House Envy ! It is lovely, I remember buying our first home, it was falling down and so charming :) We spent a few years there, fixing it up and loving it. It is a great feeling , isn't it ? taking an old home and making it Yours .. I love the property too !

  6. Your house, backwards on its lot or no, is very nicely sited, and it all looks very appealing and peaceful.


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