20 December 2015


This is a photo that I took 10 years ago. Maybe it's the car that Père Noël (France's Santa Clause) comes to town in. I took the photo on the market square in Saint-Aignan.

And another 2005 photo — a shop in Saint-Aignan that went out of business a few years ago. Last week we noticed that it has been re-opened with a slightly different name: Côté Choco’Thé.

In 2007 on this date, here's what our weather was like. I also see from looking at old pictures that we had snow on the ground on December 20, 2009. Not this year. We're still enjoying our warm spell.

It's almost time to go out with the dog. Bon dimanche.


  1. I was riding my bike thru Mentone, that's Melbourne - when a red 2CV came towards me. Fortunately being locals, they were on the correct side of the road. My heart melted and thoughts of owning one in our new home in rural victoria came to mind. Time will tell Ken.

    1. Leon, next time you are over on holiday... buy one and get it containered back.
      [Possibly along with a load of common spares... front and rear bumpers spring to mind]
      They are rising in price fast...
      they will never go out of fashion...
      and if petrol prices rocket...
      or petrol gets banned...
      they convert to gas...
      or better still, electric...
      very easily.
      wait a little while and get an eMehari!!

  2. Nice little rouge Special there...
    those plastic "chrome" headlights look a bit "naff", tho'...
    they really only suit the maroon or grey Charlestons....
    or the ultra-chromed Swiss "Ente" model...
    but a lot of people do seem to like them.
    I feel they unbalance the shape.

    And, thanks to your gumbo post...
    I made Boston Baked Beans yesterday...
    in the slow cooker!
    And it worked...
    just gave it the last hour in the oven to crisp off the rind of the pork poitrine.
    It always does six good portions of beans... so four will go in the freezer.
    Served it up with a baked potato topped with leek and carrot...
    fresh from the garden... that Pauline poached in butter and a Knorr "stockpot"...
    thanks for the nudge!

    1. Boston baked beans — that sounds really good. Maybe later. Meanwhile, I'm planning to make SW-France-style baked beans in about 10 days. That's known as cassoulet. No potatoes with it though. I will do it in the slow-cooker; good idea. I already did the confit de canard in the slow cooker last week. Now it's "curing" down in the cellar.

  3. Your red post plus snow is giving me a good dose of holiday cheer today. Is the Coté Sud a restaurant with a cave for wine tasting? The window decoration is a lot of fun to look at.

  4. I love the shade of red in your photos, and the snow in the last photo is fun to see :) The bits of green, the beautiful red, and the snow... all very Christmas-y! Merci :)

  5. This is the sort of car my husband and I used to daydream about driving if we lived in France. Although when he lived in France, he drove an Austin Healey. But I love the deux chaveau ?? I don't know how to spell it :)

  6. Nothing says holidays like red. ;-)

    Quite a change in your weather. The east coast's suppposed to have another warm spell this week...into the mid 60s in CT and 50s in Montreal, QC.

    If you haven't seen it, may I suggest the brief documentary "Chasing Ice:"


    A photographer stationed digital cameras in glaciers around the globe, and set them to go off every few minutes, over more than a decade.


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