07 December 2015

Decembers past [1]

Here's what you might expect our place to look like in December. This is a photo from 2009.

Instead, in 2015, it looks like this:

Temperatures today are supposed to be 6ºC above average — that's 10ºF — with a high in the mid-50s in degrees F. Maybe the weather will change, but this looks like it might be our third strangely mild winter in a row.


  1. the same is in Poland typicall fall but I like it

  2. We bought out house in December 2009 and it certainly was freezing!

  3. Well, it sure looks nice, either way. Good weather for getting those Christmas lights in place :)

  4. Ken,

    People are still paying golf in Montreal and Ottawa - their only challenge : having sunlight. It is 4C today and expecting 7, 8, 8 , 10 C from next Thursday to Sunday. Looks like it is going to be a green Christmas

  5. Your house looks lovely with a dusting of snow. Yes, unusual weather. In CT, where my sister lives, it was 60 degrees yesterday. Here in LA we were 80 degrees, 12 degrees above the average for this timeof year.

  6. Global warming skeptics, all of us...


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