09 December 2015

December present

After writing what I wrote yesterday about how dark it is on my morning walks with Callie — we watch the sun come up when we're out there between 8:30 and 9:00 — yesterday morning dawned clear and beautiful. And weirdly warm, for this time of year. It was very pleasant.

Above, Callie was watching the sun rise through the as yet untrimmed vines. People are working out there, pruning everything back for the winter, but this vineyard plot hasn't been touched so far. The photo was backlit and the foreground was totally dark, so I had to lighten it up using Photoshop. It turned out to be in black and white.

Here I'm looking toward the northeast. Toward Paris, in other words. Clouds were moving in from the west, but the sunrise was pretty for us. It rained lightly in the afternoon.

This view is looking south-southeast. In summertime, the sun comes up in the northeast here, but in winter it rises far to the south. All that is normal and we've gotten used to it, but the warm temperatures we're having this December are not what we'd normally expect.


  1. Lovely photos. The solstice is on its way.

    1. Hi Evelyn. My photos are a little "soft-focus" but that's what the early morning looks like here. We drove over to Loches this morning, and the valleys at Montrésor, Genillé, and Perrusson were really fogged in, while the sky above was blue. The oak trees are covered in orange leaves, and the grass is still green. The morning sun casts long shadows. It was a beautiful drive.

  2. Here in mid-Texas the forecast is for temps in the 80'sF in the next day or so. Not what we'd
    normally expect either. The whole country is unseasonably warm.

  3. Yes, the photos are lovely. I especially like the first one.

    As Sheila above stated, we are also unseasonably warm. We were in the 80s yesterday in LA. There was a bit of humidity, so we had the air conditioning running. In December.


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