29 July 2014

Plum tuckered

I'm taking a day off from my posts about the car trip.

A couple of days ago, I came upon a tree that was just covered in little yellow plums. I was out on the edge of the vineyard with the dog. I hadn't planned for fruit-picking, so I didn't have a plastic bag or basket with me. Zut alors !

My only option was to fill my pockets with as many plums as would fit. Luckily, I was wearing a pair of fairly baggy shorts with two front pockets. The plums were nearly ripe, and putting them in a basket to ripen some more for a couple of days made sure they were ready to be put into a tart. Just a small amount of almond powder went under them to soak up their juices, and a sprinkle of sugar went on top. Miam miam...


  1. (holds out her plate for a slice) S.V.P.

  2. Ahhh! Les mirabelles!!
    Miam-miam indeedy!!!!!

  3. That looks like anything I've seen in the window of the finest patisseries!

  4. Lovely. I just made a cherry-almond tart that was sooo good.

  5. That's NOT on my diet!!! But it looks wonderful...

    Mary in Oregon

  6. Appétissant. J'avais trop mis de prunes sur les miennes...

  7. You have outdone yourself. Looks totally delicious.


    1. As a lot of you know, Walt is the baker. I picked the plums. He made the tart.

  8. I missed this post yesterday- wow. I KNOW those plums are delicious. Does Walt mix the almond powder with something when he adds it to the tart? I love using almond powder.


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