30 April 2013

La tartiflette en dix photos


  1. The pictures seem over-large...
    they are going off my screen anyhowz...
    and the menus are coming down over the top??

    Not that that really matters on a cold, wet and thoroughly miserable day like today...
    the tartiflette looks wonderful...
    all warmly cheesy...
    just the job!!

    Just a shame it is a virtual tartiflette...

  2. The tartiflette photos display perfectly on the mobile version of the blog. On my tablet, I mean. On the web version, there's that pesky sidebar. Ignore it this time. Also, you can scroll horizontally to see the photos in their entirety.

  3. Tartiflette is one of our delights to eat when we ski. Filling, warm and delicious. Yours looks particularly good and I like how you've structured the post.

    Actually I shouldn't just reserve it for a ski treat.

    The pics are extra large for me too.

  4. Hi Gaynor, I had posted the original version of the photos, just to see how it worked. Now I've put them back at the usual size. The tablet version isn't as nice, but I guess the web version most readers look at is better.

  5. Starman, I'm responding to the comment about tartiflette that you left on yesterday's post. This time I used a cheese I bought at the supermarket and that was labeled as « Fromage pour Tartiflette ». It's a Reblochon-style cheese. I thought of making a tartiflette only because I spotted that cheese and it looked appetizing. In the past, I've made a tartiflette-style gratin with Camembert, and that was good too. I imagine cheese like Brie, Carré de l'Est, or Caprice des Dieux as other possibilities, or even Fontina or Cantal.

  6. Ken, you've changed the header picture this morning and, I presume, at the same time fiddled with the pix?

    They are now displaying perfectly...
    and I like the new view...
    that is a lovely little pond that...
    looks like it has a variety of vegetation in it...
    Richard keepts the étang next to us absolutely devoid of aquatic plants...
    looks like a watery desert!!

  7. bacon? potatoes? cheese? it's like heaven...

  8. Wow, that's a good bit of cheese! Looks wonderful!

    (Pictures look fine on my computer, btw.)

    Hope you enjoyed it, as I'm sure you did!

  9. It doesn't look like there is too much cheese. I am always envious of all the good food you are eating!

  10. Your post looks great on my laptop- the photos are sharp. Wish I could help you eat your tartiflette- it's beautiful! Would our sliced bacon work in place of the lardons?

  11. A picture paints a thousand words.
    ..........and so on a thousand times !!

  12. Hello Jean, we just finished the leftovers. Right tasty...

  13. I must say, "I love your food pics, but I have to agree with Evelyn, I would just love to have a bite or nibble of these very tasty-looking dishes you prepare, Ken!" I should only open your blog after having eaten, as now, I have some cravings for cheese (which I am out of at the moment :-(. )!!!

  14. Evelyn, one of my students made this with our American-style bacon, and with Muenster cheese... it was outstanding!

  15. Thanks for info, Judith. I want to give this recipe a try after I stop my current diet.

  16. Judy, I'm sure the tartiflette would be good with munster cheese, or any other cheese that melts smoothly.


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