01 May 2013

Iris flower

We got another inch (25 mm) of rain yesterday afternoon. That makes 80 mm
for the month of April. Yesterday, a lot of it fell on me when I went out
to walk with the dog between 5 and 6 p.m.

In 2006, a friend from California named Sue planted or transplanted a lot of irises around our yard.
They are blooming now. I hope the heavy rain didn't knock all the petals off of them.


  1. We didn't have any rain during the day in Paris and it was overcast, but did it fall late at night!

    Iris is my favorite flower. So delicate. And it smells good too.

  2. A lovely cheery pic for May First...

    Something nice to look at in all this rain....
    currently coming down in stair-rods here...
    I've got the long-vue trained on the "physical" gauge and it is reading 23mm [in the past 36'ish hours]...
    12 of which have fallen in the last 24...
    and visibly, 'coz I just went and checked it, four in the last hour!!

    Looking at the infra-red, it looks like the Med is currently emptying itself over France...
    at least we haven't had the heavy S#*w that Spain had yesterday...

  3. Ahhh... such a beauty. I don't know why there aren't any irises in my garden. I am thinking of planting some.

  4. Iris are called "flags" around here. I don't know why. I love them, but today is May 1st and I'm going to pick some mugets this morning before it rains....again! We are no longer in a drought.

  5. Looks like we'll miss the flowering of our irises - again!


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