28 May 2013

Things growing

On Sunday I noticed that there are lichens growing on my car. Lichens, not just algae. There was algae — a green film along cracks and crevices — but I scrubbed all that off the one time I've been able to wash this car this "spring" (which I'll put in quotation marks because....).

This is our new view of the vineyard, now that the hedge has been cut down to size.

We've been leaving the car outside for the past couple of months. Maybe that was a mistake, because now lichens are growing on the driver's side rear-view mirror. And rain is pouring down again this morning. We had two nice days and got a lot of work done yesterday, however.

Le jardin potager is getting a late start this year.

The garden plots are tilled one more time. It was like tilling mud, and I had two or three kilos of mud stuck to my gardening shoes by the time I finished. The mud added a couple of inches to my height — and the shoes are not clogs.

The pond is fairly overflowing.

Walt planted winter squash seeds in one plot. The other plots are for warm-weather crops like tomatoes, eggplants, corn, zucchini, and beans. When and if we have some warm weather, we'll plant those. Unless we wash away first.

Today's weather forecast

As Walt just pointed out, we won't even be able to stay in the house and watch the French Open tennis matches today — there probably won't be any, since Paris looks just as rained out as Saint-Aignan.


  1. It will probably be a late and warm summer. Feel any better?

  2. Here's hoping you are right. Maybe this will be a year of extremes.

  3. Lichens on your car!?! Holy cow. You guys are really having a tough time of it out there with this crazy weather. Who knows when you'll be able to post about harvesting your yummy veggies. Do you know what week of what month you had your first tomato last year?

  4. Oregon seems more likely to have people with green growing on their vehicles, but I'm sorry to report I've never heard of it... this must be a first for you.
    That photo with the blue skies and clouds must have been a nice day while you had it.

  5. One time. in the place I lived before moving to this apartment, I discovered a tomato patch under a window. Apparently, I had thrown a few seeds there and forgot them. They grew quite nicely on their own.

  6. It must be raining everywhere except Colorado. Hot and dry but good for corn, tomatoes and chilis.


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