13 May 2013

Ce qui restait du poisson

I have an appointment with a doctor in Blois at 8:00 a.m. today. I'll be fine. I just have to leave the house at 6:45. I don't know what possessed me to make an appointment for such an early hour. Here I am at 5:20 a.m. on the computer.

And here's a photo of Saturday's celebratory fish, before it went into the oven. Walt posted a photo of it in its cooked state yesterday.

Here's what was left of it (for Bertie) that afternoon. We nearly finished it off, but we left a little bit for the cat. The title of this post means: "What was left of the fish."

I was surprised when the man at the market asked me if I wanted the fish « gratté » (scraped, scratched) instead of using the standard word for "scaled," which is « écaillé ». Maybe gratté in this context is some kind of professional jargon. Here's a web page in French that describes how to clean a fish.


  1. Just like Nadège, I was surprised at the word ‘gratté’, but since I never buy an entire fish, that word never came up. Maybe your fishmonger is just illiterate!

  2. CHM, I read "La depeche" (Toulouse) and "Midi libre" (Montpellier) since my family lives in those 2 regions. I am always amazed by the comments and how french has changed.
    The bar must have been delicious!

  3. Bonjour Cousin

    P.ê que c'est du "French Créole", LOL!!!

  4. What a nice treat for Bertie boy!

  5. Bonjour Cousine,
    Could be. Ofentimes, French Créole is 'très imagé'.

  6. Bertie is one lucky kitty, because that fish looks delicious: uncooked, cooked and 'undressed' :) I hope Bertie enjoyed it. Martine

  7. You remove the bones before giving it to Bertie....right?

  8. Wow, that's quite a celebratory fish :) I'll bet it was yummy :)

  9. Starman, Bertie eats whole mice and whole birds — bones, claws, fur and all. Nevertheless, we carefully pick all the meat off the bones before we give him or Callie any leftovers.

    CHM, you might be right about the fishmonger. He was the one who first used the term gratté to mean écaillé, not me.

    Judy, it was a very good fish, and it was cooked just right I thought. As Starman said, it was quite expensive, but we would have spent a lot more in a restaurant and wouldn't have had the satisfaction of shopping for it and cooking it.

    Thanks to everybody for the nice anniversary wishes. I've been busy since last week and haven't felt well for a week now, so I've been kind of distracted.


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