30 May 2013

...entre les gouttes

We were blessed by the weather gods yesterday. Nous avons réussi à passer entre les gouttes, as they say here — we "passed between the raindrops" without getting wet. We were invited to a retirement party by Jean and Nick down in Le Grand-Pressigny, an hour south of Saint-Aignan, and we sat out on their patio for most of the afternoon. Callie really enjoyed the outing, but poor Bertie had to stay home.

Bertie the black cat out in the sunny back yard a few days ago...

Clouds threatened all day, and there were one or two very brief, light sprinkles of rain. Otherwise, the sun won out and it actually got warm for a few minutes late in the day. Jean recently retired from a long career in the optical business in England. Yesterday, Nick was able to barbecue, and the 25 or so of us invited guests enjoyed a great buffet dinner with many delicious desserts.

...and Callie the collie too, but not on the same day.

Walt and I left Le Grand-Pressigny to return home at about 10 p.m., and as we got closer to Saint-Aignan it was obvious from puddles on the road and patches of fog that it had been raining here. It's raining again this morning, and it will be another damp day if we can believe the weather forecast. Yesterday's gathering and congenial crowd, added to the the time we spent outdoors in the afternoon, really lifted the spirits. Congratulations to Jean on her newfound freedom. Here's a link to her blog.


  1. Jean certainly was blessed with some good weather for yesterday's feast...
    and the food was wonderful.
    And, as you say, today we are back to the grey, the damp...
    however, I've some potting up to do...

    at the moment...
    Meteo60 is showing nicer things to come...

    It was great seeing you and Walt yesterday....
    and actually getting some time to talk rather than type...

  2. It was a great evening worthy of celebrating Jean's retirement.The weather God's obviously realised the importance of the event and smiled on us all.

    Fantastic food and good company.

    It was nice to meet Callie - and of course, you and Walt, again.

  3. Sounds like you had a great time! Hope the weather will not be playing any more tricks ... and you know why!
    Btw, my blog is still closed (you know why), but there is a new one in the making. Hope to announce the new baby's name on Monday ;) Martine

  4. Your trip timing worked well to give you a day without rain and a nice celebration to attend.

    I see from Jean's blog that she has a white poodle that looks a lot like our grand dog, Rosie who loves to carry sticks like Callie although she doesn't have a habit of carrying them home lol.

  5. Nice weather makes a big difference but it's the company that matters most!!

  6. It seems to be raining all over the world.


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