21 May 2013

Cold, gloom, and rain

"Oh god, it's pouring!" That's what I heard myself say just a minute ago when I looked out the kitchen window. There are puddles on the road, and in the standing water I can see that a hard, fine rain is falling. No matter — Callie needs her walk, and it's my turn.

Walt yells out from his office, where he's working on his computer. "The temperature is supposed to be in the mid-30s" — that's 2ºC — "on Friday morning!" Meanwhile, on the morning news I keep hearing that we're having November weather instead of our normal May weather. Crops are suffering. Sidewalk cafés are going broke. People are morose. Instead of spring sunshine, we have gloom.

Sunday afternoon from an upstairs window we saw this horse and rider out in the vineyard.
I think they were headed south. Pas bête comme idée.

Has the Gulf Stream stopped flowing? It's supposed to bring warm water, and therefore warm air, from the Gulf of Mexico across the Atlantic to temper the climate in this part of Europe. Somebody go check. I think the ocean currents have gone still. And another cold rain system is moving in from the north this morning.


  1. I'll leave my own comment. We've had 45 mm of rain — just short of two inches — over the past four days, and it's still raining this a.m.

  2. I've ordered the timber...
    our meadow is big enough to build on...
    just book your cabin!!

  3. I'm hoping the long range forecast will predict a vast improvement in the weather for next week! ;o)

  4. Hi Gaynor, I hope so too. Maybe we're getting all the bad weather this week, so that the good weather can come breezing in this weekend.

    Tim/Noé, LOL.

  5. Oh dear! I hate cold weather. No "May gray" in SoCal so far this year. I am not sure we will have "June gloom" either. The hills are very, very dry since we've had only few days of light rain during the rainy season. You will warm up and the sun will shine, but we know it won't be raining in LA for at least 6 months, if that.

  6. been quite a cold & wet spring here in NC too

  7. That rider looks like the "Marlboro man".
    Our weather is odd this year also, too much rain and chilly but not freezing.

  8. There's been speculation that all
    that melting Greenland ice is
    cooling off the Gulf Stream as it
    heads north...makes sense.

    Haven't really had much rain here
    in our part of Texas since 2007,
    and the northern plains are running
    out of ground water. Don't mess with Mother Nature!

  9. for heavens sakes! sorry about the bad weather. i think everyone should go sit inside those sidewalk cafes and have a marvelous dessert. thats what i would do. we are hot here and tomorrow we'll end up with those horrible storms from Oklahoma. :-(

  10. Unfortunately, we're experiencing rain, rain, rain and more rain this week in Oregon, too. At least there are no tornados. Think of all the positives: the plants love the rain (forget those new seedlings you wanted to plant for now) and here in the northwest we were under our needed water build-up in the dams AND I don't have to wash my car just yet!

  11. Mary, you are right of course -- at least we haven't had a tornado. But snails and slugs love rain too. Our drought ended months ago. Just belly-aching, though.

  12. Dont give to the weather too much importance. More than 200 years ago summer and spring were rainy and cold , there were nothing to eat, a reason why a king lost his head .

  13. I'm sorry. Too much!

    Love the photo. Great brown coat on the rider. Horses are always great to photograph. Such magnificent beasts.

    And, lacking a horse, there's always the donkeys, right?


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