10 May 2013

Vieux, et jeune

It's May 10, and that's the first anniversary of Walt's and my marriage last year in Albany. Of course, we've been living together for 30 years, so we had plenty of practice before "the real thing" began. Until now, our anniversary has always been June 1, because we moved in together on that day in 1983. I'm sure we'll have a second celebration on June 1.

I don't think I'd ever noticed this graffiti on the maison de vigneron before. How old might it be?

I have obligations today — an important appointment this afternoon — so we've decided to have our celebratory meal tomorrow. We'll go shopping around the outdoor market in Saint-Aignan tomorrow morning and buy the makings for a nice lunch. Fish, probably, which we don't eat often enough. There's a very good fish monger at the Saturday market.

I think this must be a very old vine.

Yesterday, I took my camera out into the vineyard on the morning walk for the first time in a little while. Callie was very patient as I walked around slowly, examining everything in the environment, and taking quite a few pictures. She had time to sniff a lot of good smells.

Here's how a vine starts out nowadays. I wonder what the vignerons used to protect
young vines before plastic mineral water bottles became so common.

And I noticed some things I'd never noticed or paid much attention to before. Those agrafes I posted about yesterday, for example. The graffiti above. And some old, intricately twisted vines I've walked past hundreds of times over the past 10 years but had never focused on before. I guess it pays to spend some time and take a fresh look at familiar old things every now and then.


  1. Happy 'Niversay! And Many more... I like the idea of two goes!!

    That old vine is won'erfully convoluted...
    looks like ish been adrinkin' of the jooce!

    It would look nice as a "water-colour" in Photoshop and get hung on a wall... and, on walls, I love the way a lot of old French "Graffitttée" is given serifs.... not just scribbled on... there are some beauties up the 'posh' tower of the chateau at Le Grand Pressigny.

  2. Happy anniversary!
    I like that whereas many people would go out for a special meal to celebrate, you are getting something nice to cook. It's better for us - we get to read about it!

  3. Happy anniversary! Soon you will be able to do tie the knot in France ... That'll give you three occassions to celebrate ;) Martine

  4. Happy Anniversary! Nothing wrong with celebrating twice :-)!

  5. Happy Anniversary!!
    May you be blessed with many more years together.

  6. Enjoy your special meal tomorrow :)

  7. Happy Anniversary!


  8. happy anniversary....champagne all around!

  9. Joyeux anniversaire de mariage!

  10. Happy Anniversary.

    Hope you have good weather to enjoy your celebration tomorrow.

    The weather is very pleasant in our part of the world ( as it was last yr) :-)

  11. There's nothing wrong with multiple anniversaries (we have 7). Congratulations and cheers!


  12. Happy Anniversary.

    Enjoy your celebratory meal.

  13. Wishing you both the happiest of anniversaries (until the next happy one)!

  14. Bon Anniversaire!
    I wonder what was being documented on 26 August?


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