05 April 2013

Traveling, traveling

First, the train station in Orléans, where I spent a couple of cold, windy, hungry
hours Monday afternoon just standing around, waiting
for a train to Paris. I like the station, but...

Second, the quais in Paris, between the Gare d' Austerlitz and Notre-Dame, where the
bouquinistes were out in force on Easter Monday. You can see from the way people
were dressed that it wasn't exactly warm that afternoon.

When I saw this little car parked in front of a beautiful old building, I thought how nice it would be to jump in and go for a drive around the city and then out to the airport.

Too bad there isn't a bateau-mouche that goes out to CDG airport....

...or even just a péniche.

It's raining today here on the Carolina coast. It's weather that is not exactly conducive to taking pictures. My mother and I spent the afternoon visiting a former neighbor whose 90th birthday is later this month. Her son, who I grew up with, was there too, with his wife, Carol, who's originally from Buffalo NY. We locals spent a lot of time reminiscing about life on the NC coast 50 years ago. I wonder what Carol thought of it all.


  1. Great pics, Ken, love the pretty car in front of the pretty door. Have fun with your Mom. I'm arriving in Paris on Sun for three weeks and I know this Florida girl is going to freeze her buns off!

  2. Ken, surely Orleans gare is sponsored by McD with that front... but, then again... that might be why you were hungry, you know how to make a good burger!!

    I like the little car, too...
    it is a Nissan Figaro...
    less than a litre turbo-charged engine...
    made ONLY for the Japanese market, so all cars you see in France and UK have been imported...
    very expensive little runabout at around 100,000€ second-hand.

    Weatherwise, you aren't missing anything...
    Wet yesterday...
    cold and dank today!
    Can someone throw the "Summer Switch"...

  3. I just took another look at that Figaro... it is a British one... probably belongs to a "medic" and paid for by Hormone Replacement Therapy... hence the personalised registration.

  4. Wow, what a nice-looking train station that Gare d'Orléans is!

    Great photos. My French I students are doing a little report on things to do in Paris, so I'm going to show them your photos today :)

    Rain or no rain, it's nice to visit your family and old friends :)

  5. Ken

    You are having rain and we woke up with snow on the roof this morning. Y has already removed his winter tires !

    Hopefully you will have sun this WE and can enjoy some seafood.

  6. I've just passed through Orleans - by car - so this is the first time I've seen the train station. Just how new is it? I like that roofline!
    Beautiful Nissan Figaro. Thanks,
    Tim,for informing us how rare it is so even though I'll be able to ID it; there's no chance I will ever be able to afford one!

  7. How long are you going to be MHC? Tell your mom hello for me. I don't know if she'll remember me.

  8. Love the Gare d'Orléans. t's so modern.

  9. Lovely Paris photos despite the cold weather.

  10. We had rain yesterday, but it's lovely and sunny today.
    Still not as warm as it usually is this time of year.


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