16 April 2013

North Carolina coastal scenes

I'm on vacation in the U.S., visiting family on North Carolina coast. I'll be back in France soon.

Uh-oh. I can't get used to this blogging-in-the-evening schedule. I'm used to blogging in the morning. So today I forgot to write anything, and at 10:15 p.m. I just remembered. Earlier today, I did process and upload some pictures.

This was, I think, a controlled burn near the town of Cape Carteret on the N.C. coast.
It was slightly alarming to see such an impressive plume of smoke so close to a
shopping center. Cape Carteret is on the southern edge of Croatan
National Forest,  where forest fires occur frequently.

This Piggly Wiggly supermarket is in Beaufort, N.C., on the coast. Founded in 1710,
Beaufort — pronounced [BOH-furt] — is the third oldest town in North Carolina.
Piggly Wiggly is, I think, the oldest chain of self-service supermarkets
in the United States.

This is Cape Lookout lighthouse, in a photo taken from the shores of Harkers Island, N.C.
Cape Lookout is considered to be the southern end of the Outer Banks and
was the site of a whaling village in the 19th century. A series of destructive
hurricanes forced the 500 or so hardy souls who lived there to
break camp and move to the mainland around the year 1900.


  1. Ooooo sparkly water!

    and Piggly Wiggly is a very odd name for a supermarket!

  2. Ahhhh, sparkly sun on the water and bright blue skies!

  3. yay! i love the piggly wiggly - we dont have that here but it always cracks me up. thanks for the happy pix.

  4. You'll soon be back to your normal blogging and dog walking routine, but we've enjoyed seeing your trip photos. I visited our Pig yesterday.

  5. I'm really enjoying your vacation posts...thanks for taking us along Ken.

  6. My sister tells me that the plume of smoke was from an actual uncontrolled forest fires. She read it in the local newspaper.

  7. Thanks for the memories. We spent a year sailing up & down the ICW, as well as offshore, a few years ago. That Piggly Wiggly was the first one we ever visited. Not the last though! Sharon

  8. Love the idea of a Piggly-Wiggly shop... presumably they started by selling pork products.

    Thinking of America today!

  9. Hi Tim, and Susan too, I found this paragraph on the web about the name Piggly Wiggly.

    “[Founder Clarence] Saunders' reason for choosing the intriguing name Piggly Wiggly® remains a mystery; he was curiously reluctant to explain its origin. One story is that he saw from a train window several little pigs struggling to get under a fence, and the rhyming name occurred to him then. Someone once asked him why he had chosen such an unusual name for his organization, and Saunders' reply was, "So people will ask that very question." He wanted and found a name that would be talked about and remembered.”

    Here's a web site for the company.

  10. Great to see a Piggly Wiggly. It's been a while. I remember the boat trip my family took out to Cape Lookout. It was windy out there. Beautiful lighthouse. I love the NC coastline.

  11. SO...
    we've Mr. Saunders to blame for the Hypermarkets have we...?
    He sounded as though he was the entrepreneurs' entrepreneur...
    way too far ahead of the game...
    and with on-line shopping, we are back to where he was trying to get away from...
    except we never see the clerks now...
    just a van driver with the "wrong" substitute items.
    Come back Mr. Saunders... and how's the Colonel by the by... oh... no... he's no relative to "U"!

  12. It would be very hard to live without a supermarket nearby.

  13. Agreed... perhaps some organisation, such as the UN, should mark the anniversary in 2016... a century of Self-service Stores called "Piggly Wiggly Day"
    We all need a smile!

  14. Great photo of the Cape. I love it there. I have so many wonderful childhood memories of time spent there.

  15. Carol, I asked my mother and Joanna about the 1963 trip to California. They don't have any photos, as far as they can remember. I know I've seen a Pike's Peak group photo, and I think I might have a copy of it, but you might have one too.

  16. I wonder whatever possessed them to name that store Piggly Wiggly?!?!?!


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