09 April 2013

Three more photos of Notre-Dame...

...and one of Sainte Geneviève protecting Paris from eastern invaders. This sculpture is on the pont de la Tournelle, linking the Ile St-Louis to the 5e arrondissement. It was created by Polish-French sculptor Paul Landowski. The Art Déco work shows a tall Sainte-Geneviève with a child who represents the city of Paris.

I've tried blogging from my tablet computer, and I can do all-text posts, but I can't seem to upload photos. I'm traveling right now and don't have access to a full-fledged computer for blogging.

Here then a a few more snapshots of Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris. I took them on Easter Monday when I walked from the Gare d' Austerlitz to the Saint-Michel RER station on my way to Roissy airport.

I'll be back "live" tomorrow.


  1. The last photo is terrific -- lovely light.

  2. Lovely photos of Notre-Dame Cathedral....post card worthy.

  3. Yes, we like you "live" the best! I hope you get a good dose of spring without the allergies involved (we are covered in pine pollen in Alabama."

    PS my hometown team U of Louisville played some great basketball last night. The girls will play tonight.

  4. Will you choose to travel again on a holiday like Easter? Is it a low-demand day for air travelers?
    Blue skies were gorgeous for your photos.

  5. Go Louisville women! Congratulations to the Louisville men's team.

  6. Love the photos of ND but just look at all those touristas!!


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