22 April 2013

LIttle orchids

The pollen is bad, and my allergy symptoms are not diminishing. This is the first time in 10 years of living here that one of my spells of severe hay fever has lasted more than 48 hours. I'm on day 4 now. I talked to a neighbor yesterday and she said she also is suffering from the pollen. The good news she reported: a change in the wind direction and general weather conditions tomorrow or Wednesday.

Meanwhile, spring does seem to be very late to arrive in Saint-Aignan this year. Our little pear tree is in full flower, but the apple tree blossoms are just barely starting to appear. Meanwhile, I'm seeing a few wild orchids around the vineyard. They are tiny plants with tiny flowers, so I've taken macro shots and posted very close views of them for you to enjoy.

You certainly couldn't say the ground is a carpet of orchids. I went to spots where there are usually a lot of them and found only one or two. Maybe the weather will warm up soon and we'll start to see more abundant growth. As Walt has said, this is probably a normal year for the Saint-Aignan region. But it's so different from the warm springtime weather we had gotten used to since at least 2007 that we are finding it hard to cope.


  1. Lovely little orchids.

    This spring doesn't strike me as particularly abnormal (although statistically it is colder than average) -- you've got twice the length of experience here, but my experience is that every 2-3 years here spring is chilly until July, with maybe a burst of spectacular weather for 2 weeks in May.

    Hopefully your allergy pushes off very soon. I can imagine how miserable you must be feeling.

  2. Well, typical spring things are definitely later here this year than in some years past. Last year things were pretty early-- compared to last year, trees and plants are blooming at least a month (or more) later. And, we're still having nights occasionally that dip down into the 30s.

    I never used to pay attention to the growing seasons -- I don't think that I really had any concept that some flowers are spring bloomers, and some are summer bloomers, and all of that!

  3. I hope for you the wind changes direction soon. In spring and fall, my allergies are always horrible, needing shots and medicine.
    I am always in awe when I see photos of orchids in France. The colors are just magnificent.

  4. Is CHM safely ensconsed back in
    France also?

  5. Hi Sheila, I've been calling CHM's number in Paris all day, but no answer. I sent e-mail too. I'll try again later, and tomorrow if I don't hear from him.

  6. Ken


  7. Someone managed to graft an orchid onto one of the palm trees just outside our building. They blossom every year. http://flic.kr/p/8ngt4Q

  8. Tropical orchids are very different from our Loire Valley orchids.

  9. Pas encore d'orchis en fleurs à Dijon. Bon courage pour vos allergies.

  10. Is there nothing you can take to relieve the symptoms?


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