02 April 2013

In(glorious) transit

This morning I'm writing from a hotel room at CDG airport north of Paris. I came up here yesterday and spent the night so that today I would be able to get a morning flight to Charlotte in North Carolina.

Yesterday morning at home, I couldn't get my desktop computer to start up. Well, the computer started, but Windows 7 would just hang in the middle of its bootup routine. I think I know the cause (faulty anti-virus software update) but there wasn't time to try to fix it. It'll be something to work on when I get back.

Why do these things happen on the very morning when you can do nothing about them and are already stressed out? C'est la loi de l'emmerdement maximum...

And then Walt drove me to Blois to catch the train to Paris -- we left the house at 10:30 and were plenty early but there was a problem and my noon train ended up being THREE HOURS LATE! I finally got to Paris at four p.m. via Orléans, an unplanned stop. I did a lot of just standing around and waiting.

In Paris it was sunny so I decided to walk from the Gare d'Austerlitz along the Seine to Saint-Michel, pulling my suitcase along behind me. There I got the commuter train out to the airport.

I took pictures in Paris but right now I have no way to edit and upload them. The important thing right now is that I slept well and feel very good. I'm looking forward to arriving in N.C.

I'll do my best to blog again tomorrow from my mother's place in N.C. She has a computer.


  1. The journey sounds mega tedious. My sympathies!

  2. Safe journey... and thank you, Ken, I know now the French for "Applied Sod's Law".

  3. Susan, thanks. some days are just like that.

    Tim, we call it Murphy's law.

    My suitcase is checked and I have my boarding passes. Takeoff in 90 minutes.

  4. C'est peut-être plus explicite en français, mais c'est plus élégant en anglo/américain. LOL

  5. Safe journey and enjoy your visit.

  6. safe travels! i know its silly but i love that you will be in "our" timezone! ha! :-D

  7. Things happen when you travel don't they?

    On our trip to CA last month I left my driver's license in my gym bag. Had a bad feeling when I reached into my wallet. Lewis said, "this will be happening to us more and more" meaning that we're getting older lol.

    My white hair and a Sam's Club photo ID along with a few credit cards got me through ATL and LAX.

    I hope the rest of your trip is peaceful and that the BBQ and oysters are still tasty on the Carolina coast.

  8. Best laid plans Ken but safe journey and have a good visit

  9. Bienvenue aux Etats-Unis, Ken! I'm sure you've arrived safely, by now!
    With all of us wishing you a safe vacation with your Mother and friends, surely that will bring you good vibrations...and fewer late trains!!!

  10. Some days are like that, even in Australia. (A quote from a terrific kid's book by Judith Viorst.) Now that you've got all the annoying possibilities out of the way, the rest of your trip will be perfect.

  11. Where did you stay in Paris?

  12. I didn't stay in Paris, actually. I stayed in the Ibis hotel at Roissy so that I'd be right there for check-in with US Airways at 9:00 Tuesday morning. The hotel was perfectly nice and not expensive.


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