15 January 2013

The Renaudie crew

Yesterday I changed my blog banner photo to match the season. January. Cold. The photo itself is not great, but it conveys the message.

Our house is visible in the distance.
As always, you can click on the picture to see it at a larger size.

Here's a photo of the vehicle the vineyard workers drive to work in. They've been driving the same little white van for at least 9 years now — or ten. This is our tenth January in Saint-Aignan.

A wide view of part of the vineyard — this was a much sun as we got all day long.

The Domaine de la Renaudie's vineyard crew is two men and a woman, all in — probably — their 30s. They work together in every seasons and through all kinds of weather. They like Callie, but Callie is a little afraid of them when they're all bundled up in their winter clothes.


  1. Yesterday, I was going to say I liked your new banner, then I was distracted. It gives the feeling of a living environment with the workers doing their daily chores.

  2. I like the new banner too. I like the subtle mix of icy blues and fiery reds.

  3. I agree with both chm and Susan -- the colors are great.

  4. I think you all like the colors because I've been posting so many b & w images :-)

  5. You would think she would recognize them no matter how they're dressed.

  6. heh heh, Ken, nope! I really like the little pops of green and other colors in the banner, and the way the sky comes in, and the purples and reddish browns -- it's very nice!


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