14 January 2013

Moon day — le jour de la lune

I'm not sure that I knew that Monday meant "the day of the moon." It's obviously the same thing in French: lundi, ou « le jour de la lune ».

If there's a moon these days, we wouldn't know it. Skies are gray, gray, gray. The news readers say a lot of people are experiencing symptoms attributable to a vitamin D deficiency, including douleurs musculaires and fatigue. And here I was thinking it was just old age...

They also say we might get a few snowflakes today or tomorrow. Paris and areas north of there are supposed to get some actual snow. The temperature here in Saint-Aignan is below freezing this morning, for the first time in a long time.

There was a big demonstration in Paris yesterday organized by people who are opponents of what is being called « le mariage pour tous », or "marriage equality." According to the news, it wasn't big enough to change the Hollande government's plan to introduce the bill in parliament this year. They have the votes to pass it. If there had been a million demonstrators in the streets yesterday, it could have been a turning point. It was half a million. That's what they are saying.

The pictures here show some trees around the vineyard.


  1. We have snow here. Only about an inch or two though.
    Everything looks very pretty and the roads are clear. That's the kind of snow I like, if we have to have it at all.

  2. Great pix... I loved yesterday's first picture... very graphic... and today's last... the poplars... same reason.

    I had the winter blues yesterday, too! You are not alone... I couldn't get myself motivated... but I think that the older we get, the more it affects us!!

    Sun is just coming up here... it is setting the buildings at Grandmont [on the hill] alight with red flame... very cheery...

  3. Just like Leon & Sue said. A little nostalgic, though.

    Your pics make me think of some of my uncle's drawings.

  4. It's weird the stuff people care about isn't it? What exactly do the demonstrators think is going to happen if couples of the same sex are allowed to have a piece of paper that says they are married?

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  6. Stay warm and up your vitamin D intake.
    Loved the last photo...would make a great big print for a living area like mine.
    Folks demonstrate about everything under the sun, it's just something they do. I couldn't imagine myself out in the cold demonstrating for a cause that does not affect me though.

  7. Hey, we had a ray of sunshine around lunch time (Paris area)! There was heavy frost on the cars this morning.. It's gotten cloudy again and they say it'll snow later. I'm glad I don't have to commute any more because I have horrible memories of snow starting just before leaving for home and it would take forever to get there.
    The big to-do about mariage pour tous hinges on parental rights, adoption, and medically assisted conception and those touchy subjects are not in the bill. I'm pretty sure once the law gets passed, the resistance to it will drop dramatically, much as it did when the PACS was first passed. As it is, according to opinion polls, the majority of the French have no objection.

  8. 500,000 people demonstrating is 500,000 too many.
    I hope you have snow for a day then it melts away.

  9. I hope for a bigger turnout for the demonstration on January 27.

  10. I was sorry to read about the man if yesterday and agree with Nadege. 500,000 is too many.

    OTOH we'll see how many show up on the 27th! The US has made some good progress lately and I can't believe that the French won't do likewise.

    Keep up the vitamin D, sunshine is coming soon.

  11. Lundi pour lune, mardi pour mars, mercredi pour mercure, jeudi pour jupiter, vendredi pour venus, samedi pour saturne, et bien sur sunday... Chaque jour de la semaine est associé à un astre. Je ne le sais pas depuis longtemps :-).

  12. Don't the French know about Vitamin D3? I haven't had a cold since I started using it several years ago.

  13. Starman, I don't know about that vitamin. I guess I need to ask about it at the pharmacie.


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