20 January 2013

Notre épisode neigeux, etc.

Saturday night: By the way, I love my new tablet computer (called une tablette tactile in French). I don't use it much for composing blog posts, but I'm 'typing' this paragraph on it. I'm feeling more and more comfortable with the on-screen keyboard. For example, I've now figured out how to type the accented characters required by French -- ê é à ï û etc.

What's nice is being able to sit on the sofa or in a comfortable chair and read, surf, or reply to e-mails. Or look things up on Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB, or Wikipedia when I'm watching a movie, the news, or a documentary on TV. Or looking at photos that I might decide to post here.

The weather alert area according to last night's TF1 news broadcast

Sunday morning: I didn't get up until 7:00. And yes, it was and is snowing. There's not an awful lot of it so far, but the MétéoCiel forecast say the heaviest snow is yet to arrive.

The view out a back window at 7:15 a.m. today

I have to take the dog out in it in a few minutes. It's not light enough yet. The sun rises at 8:32, and with the cloud cover and snow it's still pitch dark out there.

The forecast map for this morning. Saint-Aignan is just east of the blue dot (Tours)
slightly to the right of weatherwoman Catherine Laborde's left hand.

The snow is always exciting — I guess that's because I grew up on the N.C. coast, where snow was fairly rare, and then I lived in the SF Bay Area in California for so many years, and there it didn't snow at all.

P.S. A final picture, which I took at 8:15 a.m. out the front window

Here in Saint-Aignan, we get some snow nearly every year, but still... Tomorrow it's supposed to rain.


  1. We now have more than enough snow here. Not tons, but enough to make driving around stressful and more expected overnight. Which is worrying because I have to get Nick to the station for a 7am train in the morning.

    I can see us getting up at 5am to start clearing the snow off the drive. This is why I hate snow.

  2. It looks beautiful!
    This post reminds me that I should make an effort and update my IMDB account. I haven't done it in years.

  3. I love the touch screen on my iPad where I can enlarge photos or print. They are a lot of fun.

    I keep forgetting about how little sun you have in the mornings. I hope Callie enjoys the snow, I bet Bertie does not like it much.

  4. Oooh, I love that 7:00 a.m. picture. I can't believe it's still so dark at that time, and that sunrise is 8:30-ish.

    I'll bet it's nice to be able to do some computer surfing while not having to be stuck off in another room from where Walt is. Glad to know you're enjoying it. I'm still contemplating.

  5. Snow is nice when it's new and fresh. Not so much after it becomes slush.

  6. Jean, 6:00 a.m. your time, and I'm thinking about you and Nick. Be careful.


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