19 January 2013

Il s'en lèche les babines *

Bertie the black cat is an optimist by nature. He thinks the whole big chicken might be for him, and for him alone. * He's licking his chops.

This was a 7¼ lb. capon. Bertie didn't get much, but he did enjoy a few bits
that I pulled off the carcass for him.

Despite predictions of snow, we didn't get any in Saint-Aignan yesterday. Well, we saw a few flurries over the course of the day, but with no accumulation.

Now MétéoCiel, one weather service we keep track of, says we could get 15 cm (6") of snow starting tonight and continuing into tomorrow afternoon. We have no plans to take the car out until it all gets scraped off the roads, or melts. Significant snowfall is rare here and it's a big deal when it happens.


  1. Great picture... optimisticat!

    Meteo 60, for once, is in complete agreement with Meteociel... so it will probably happen... ;-)
    but we are forecast to get only around 20mm... but that will be enough for a few pix!!

    We were like you yesterday... hardly a smattering... but I went over to Yzeures-Sur-Creuse to get some stuff from the Bricomarché... and it was snowing a blizzard as I came out... I decided to abort the next phase [SuperU at RichPosers] and headed back home at a crawl, like all but one or two irriots...via the road to Barrou... turned off for home there...
    when I came out the other side of the forest...
    no snow on the ground and just a few flakes drifting down... so it seemed to have been just in the Creuse valley!!

  2. Loved this photo of Bertie licking his chops at the BIG chicken....it made me laugh.

  3. Tim, we're having rain now, with the temperature barely above freezing. They are still predicting significant snowfall by nightfall (parallel construction). The 20 mm you mention would be liquid precipitation. Multiply by 10 for snow depth. Or some factor.

    Hi VirginiaC, glad you enjoyed it. I did too.

  4. Great photo, Bertie at his best! Hunker down and enjoy your winter wonderland.

  5. Hi E., still raining at 3:30 pm. Owe you an e-mail...

  6. That would be a lot of snow if it happens.
    Bertie knows what is good when he sees and smells it.

  7. Bertie is such a sweet cat!

    That what I tried to post from my iPad but could not as yet. Not until I'm able to decipher the iPad's arcana! That may take some time.

  8. Bertie is a lovely, intelligent cat. Of course the chicken is hers.
    It snowed up here in the Paris suburbs most of last night and we had a lovely layer of white this morning. It's gotten warmer, but most of the snow stayed put. We swept the sidewalk (some day we will invest in a snow shovel, but we've lived in the house for almost 28 years and still haven't done it) this morning, but it's still very "casse-gueule" because not all the neighbors got around to it and people walking compacted the snow so that it is now just frozen in place.

  9. Ken, I just looked at the croissant blog post from TheFreshLoaf.com, and the link to Alain Marie's video on making croissants. Thanks for those :)

    Now... next time you and Walt are feeling shut in because of the cold, and in need of an adventurous day, would you consider working on making these croissants, and documenting the effort? (I'm talking to you, Walt! *R*R*). I'd love to see YOUR results!


  10. It's still raining but the temperature is right at freezing. Heavier precipitation is supposed to come in overnight. Tomorrow will be interesting.

    Watching the news, it looks like Paris has already has few inches on the ground... er, pavement. We are supposed to go out to dinner tomorrow night, but it might not be in the cards.

  11. It actually 'snowed' in Florida one year. The snow never made it to the ground, but from all the TV coverage, you would have thought there had been at least a few feet piled up.


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