04 December 2012

“Waiting for my heavens to change”

I'm still trying to get used to the idea that it's winter again. Maybe we need a pretty snowfall to put me in the mood. At the same time, no Siberian blasts of cold like last February's, please.

Looking down the hill and out across the river valley, I see somebody has a fire going,
almost certainly burning yard and garden debris. We need to do that one day.

I keep reminding myself that we are less than three weeks away from the winter solstice — already. It won't be long before the hours of daylight start increasing again. It's funny how the short days sneak up on you.

A later view of the sunset, after the sun was well below the horizon

And yes, Walt and I were both taking pictures at sunset on Sunday. That airplane might have been the same one in both our pictures, but we see a lot of airplanes flying over all the time. Sunday afternoon, Walt took his picture from a bedroom window. I was out walking the dog around the vineyard, trying to avoid the hunters.

The sunset in all its glory, just a few minutes earlier

Yesterday, I must have "ripped" 75 CDs from our French collection. Some of them are old favorites, but seeing some of them again made me wonder why I ever bought them. When we lived in California and traveled to France every year through the 1990s, I used to return home with a pile of new CDs after every trip. We got our first CD player in 1989, and already such appliances are pretty much obsolete.

By the way, the title of this post comes from the Kate & Anna McGarrigle song “Move over moon”:
My horoscope warns me don't talk to strangers
Talk dark and handsome or short bald and plain
My soothsayer says to sit tight
And wait for my stars to get rearranged
So don't talk to me
Don't bother me
I'm just waiting for my heavens to change...


  1. Those lyrics are great... but better in the shorter version by Marlene Deitrich..."I vont to be alone!"
    And, listening to the radio the other day... I decided that I AM getting old... there was someone 'singing' a song using just five words and repeating them over and
    over and
    over and
    over and
    over and
    over and
    over and
    over again.... the music she was 'singing' along to sounded quite nice... it would have sounded better without her!

  2. Beautiful photos :) ...and... speaking of photos, the iPads commercial came on TV last night!! There was Walt's photo, starting the whole thing off, right there on the big screen, right there next to the sparkling Christmas tree, in a living room in Saint Louis, Missouri! Wild!

  3. our short days are here for sure - we are going out for chores at 4 in the afternoon! i dont even feel like i get anything done and its dark again. for heavens sakes.

  4. Judy, glad you saw the commercial. We've been hoping to see it on TV here, and we've seen some of the other iPad Mini commercials, but not that one yet.

    OhioFarmGirl, we are so much farther north than you are...

  5. We have over 700 CDs, most of which just sit here gathering dust, since we tend to play the same ones over and over.

  6. Great lyrics, lovely photos.

  7. Beautiful photos. Has anyone sent a link to the commercial? I didn't see it, but C&J did.

    I have lamb leftovers... got ideas?

  8. Cheryl, here's a link to the commercial:


    Lamb leftovers? Hachis parmentier. Cold lamb with mayonnaise or mustard. Lamb soup?


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