01 December 2012

Saint-Aignan in summer

It's cold here now. The temperature is right at freezing this morning. Yesterday's high temperature was in the 30s F — just over 4ºC. Brrr. There's talk of snow en plaine in France next week, not just en montagne. Already, up near the headwaters of the Loire River in the central mountains of France, 40 centimeters of snow fell the other day. That's 15 inches or so.

Summer 2006 in Saint-Aignan
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I thought looking at some summertime pictures of Saint-Aignan might make me feel better about all this, so that's what I've been doing this morning. The one above shows the church and the château.


  1. Freezing?? Snow!? It seems so early. We're having more crazy up and down weather-- it's going to be near 70°F today, and it hit the strong 60°s F this week, but we've also had days starting off in the mid 20°s and not going much further up than that.

    It feels very Christmas-y to me, nonetheless!

  2. We have had light rain in Los Angeles. It isn't cold but rain is always welcome. You might have a white Christmas. Keep warm!

  3. It's currently 25° here at 16h32. That's chilly for me.

  4. Starman, weren't you the guy who was talking about going to live in Montreal? Brrrrr.


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