29 December 2012

Winter photos

It's hard to take photos here in wintertime. There just isn't enough light. I guess if I went out at noontime on a rare bright day — we've had nearly 100 mm or 4 inches of rain this month — I'd do better, but at noontime I'm too busy in the kitchen (or in the dining room).

Here's an indoor photo. At 6 a.m. today I was busy making coffee
and getting the cat fed when I noticed that the light was nice.

A full moon was setting over the vineyard.

A couple of days ago we had a few moments of sunshine, and a rainbow.

Fences around the vineyard help keep the deer out and the donkeys in.

Here's an afternoon moon over the hamlet and vineyard — my latest banner photo.


  1. Nice shots Ken... proves that even in Winter there are pictures to be had... love the rainbow... missed catching a pic of that moonset [fed the cats and it had gone!] but the sun has just lifted over the ridge and is making our valley glow... now, where's the camera?
    Have a nice day!

  2. Among your good photos, I especially like that moon shot.

  3. Love your new header photo Ken.
    Don't worry about not being able to take decent photos at this time of year, I'm sure you've got thousands of unused photos stashed away on your memory card that would love to be the highlights of your winter posts..

  4. Ken, do you think you will remodel your kitchen one day? It is very nice and works well as it is, but I was wondering if the expense would be worth it? You must be missing your beautiful kitchen you had in San Francisco though. I know I would miss mine if I moved and so far have remodeled all the places where I have lived, but I am not sure I would have the energy to do it anymore. If you had all the money in the world, where would you move to?

  5. J'adore la photo de l'arc-en-ciel !

  6. It must be a spirit-lifter to
    turn on the lights in that
    "sunnyside up" kitchen in the

  7. It's a thoroughly foul day here in Derbyshire today - dark and cold with strong gusts of wind and rain.
    Perfect for doing the ironing. Or blogging.

  8. I have always loved your kitchen floor and the egg yolk colored walls.

  9. Hi Nadège, I don't know about remodeling the kitchen. I kind of like it the way it is. Old-fashioned, but not too old-fashioned.

    If I had unlimited funds -- or at least a lot more than I have now -- I'd probably go live in Paris. But it would have to be a lot of money because I'd want a big apartment and a view and a good neighborhood and all the rest. So I think I'll just stay in Saint-Aignan for now.

    Most people would probably like to live in someplace tropical, with more heat and sunshine, but that's not for me. France... it's chez moi.

    Hi BettyAnn, was our kitchen already painted egg-yolk yellow the first time you saw it? I do like it, and the floor too.

    Sheila, you are right. Turning on the kitchen lights is like getting a big ray of full summer sunshine.

    Marie, bises :^)

    Jean, starting to rain here again now. At least it's not snow and freezing temperatures.

    Virginia, thanks, it's a lot of work to go back through the archives and find photos that I haven't already published (sometimes several times)... Spring is coming. The days are already getting longer, and the light stronger.

  10. Oh, I really like that photo of the interior. I think that kitchen floor of yours adds so much to the look of your kitchen.

    Isn't it interesting how French apartments and homes tend to have doors (with glass in them) at (seemingly) every room's entryway? Places where we, in the U.S., might expect an open doorway, they usually have a glass-insert door (like into your kitchen).

    1. Judy, it is true about the doors with glass in them. I assume it has to do with letting light in but preventing cold courants d'air. The only time we close our interior doors is when we need to keep the dog and the cat separated.

  11. Why do you guys get up so early? Is it habit?

    1. I have always been an early bird. If I sleep past 7 in the morning, I feel like I have wasted the day.

  12. I like the tile floor in your kitchen, but I'll bet it gets really cold like the one in our 1910 Seattle house.

    I've seen a lot of donkeys in your area. Are they raised for meat? I've had donkey sausage which was quite good.


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