17 December 2012

The two towers

Two towers behind the tree
The two towers are done. I said "done," not "down." I'm talking about the two towers of CDs, that I have now finished transferring to computer hard disk. Each tower holds 200+ discs.

That comes to about 6500 songs — but with a good number of duplicates because the same track sometimes appears on several albums, including store-bought "Best of" discs and personal "mixed" discs that I used to make for the music I listened to while commuting to work and back in California.

I just went to look around in Walt's office. There are at least 30, maybe 35 more music CDs in a rack in there. So the job is not entirely done, but at least the discs in the two towers are transferred.

Now we can pack the CDs in boxes and put them away.

As I said, it's at least 6500 songs, which iTunes reports as 35 GB on the hard disk and 17.2 days of listening time. We've been listening, too. Putting iTunes in random mode and being surprised to again hear music we'd long forgotten about is a lot of fun. And the neighbors are far enough away that we can turn up the volume a little without the fear of bothering anybody.

Sun shining through an umbrella tree makes light patterns on a scarred wall.

I'll soon need some new projects. With the end-of-the-year holidays (including Walt's birthday) coming up, I'll be doing a lot of cooking. And then I have to make time to go out and drive my car hard and fast.


  1. Here's a project for you Ken... put a recipe folder on your blog, like Jean has on "Baking in Franglais" [http://bakinginfranglais.blogspot.fr/]... it would make looking for recipes that you have published much easier than currently having to trawl through your archives.... or try and search when you don't really know what you are looking for.

  2. What Tim said!
    Or you can take over my picture album scanning project. I'm up to 1986. Still quite a few photos to scan before I catch up to the digital photos.
    Or my parents' correspondence archives that I scan now and then and try to make sense of their lives in the 30s and 40s. Very interesting reading.

  3. You did spend a lot of time Ken. I am sure you are happy you are almost finished. I love the photo (taken through the curtains I guess?).

  4. Never mind, I just saw (and read) that it is a reflection on the wall. Beautiful!

  5. If I had only known you need something to do to pass the time I would have brought you a basket or two of ironing !!
    Well done for (almost) completing the CD job. It's so satisfying to get something like that done.

  6. Or you can write a book, à la Armistead Maupin [who looks like you, I think], while listening to some digital music!

    If I'm not mistaken AM is from North
    Carolina too.

    1. Bonjour CHM, yes, A. Maupin is a (former) Raleigh NC native. And I think you should write a blog (or a book)...

  7. chm, I have to laugh, thinking of Ken writing like Armistead Maupin. There's only ONE Armistead Maupin.

    But I like the idea of Ken writing a novel, maybe collaborating with Walt. I'd like it to be a mystery, please, and if you set it in the Loire Valley you'll have a ready-made market. A lively blog following is one way that first-time writers can prove to a publisher that they have potential buyers, and you guys certainly have that.

  8. I vote for Tim's suggestion,
    as seconded by Ellen. And while
    you're at it, perhaps you could
    get Walt to pull together his
    recipes and include those as
    well. Big task, but a very
    worthwhile one.

  9. You could grade some final exams for me! (Gee, I guess maybe you didn't really ASK us for suggestions, but, what the heck, eh? :)

    Ken, do you like creative writing? The suggestion of you writing a mystery makes me ask the question. I, like you, really prefer euuuhhh... what is it, expository writing? Telling about things, explaining things in a nice, neat package. But, creative writing? I haven't a creative (writing) bone in my body. Creative in other ways, but not writing. What about you?

  10. Ken, people are suckers for cooking books. (I know I am). You can add stories to recipes, just like DL did with "the sweet life in Paris". But one task at a time. If you ever need ideas of what to do next, just ask us (lol).
    (I love Armistead Maupin's writing. I fell in love with Jon, even though I knew he didn't play in my team).

  11. Hi Judy, I could never write a mystery. I like to observe and report, but I am not good at inventing.

  12. The idea of doing a recipe index for the blog is one that I might just follow through on... Give me a few days or weeks.

  13. The towers look like they would hold a lot more than just two hundred CDs.

  14. Oooh! I love the idea of Ken doing a cookbook with stories! Anecdotes included, his (and Walt's) versions of the classic recipes they've adapted, pictures of the results, pictures of the veggie garden-- I love it!!
    (Next thing you know, they'd turn it into a movie, Meryl Streep could play SOMEONE in it, Nadege could do the makeup... we're on a roll!)

  15. Hi Ken,
    Are you kidding me? A blog? I wouldn't know what to say, even as a (former) Paris native.

  16. Wow!!! Just look at all the floorspace you freed up (!!!)

    I did this myself some time back....now you will be saying where is my SD chip, not where is that CD?

  17. Judy, LOL.

    Kassandra, I'd been putting off the CD transfer for years.

    Starman, each tower holds 200+ CDs, and we have more in other places, so close to 600 altogether.


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