05 December 2012

Into the sunset

I don't know whether Walt has mentioned it, but I can report that Bertie the black cat is back to his normal self. He meows insistently in the morning until he gets his food. He gobbles it down. I just took him off my lap so that I could type this.

I love to point the camera right into a sunset, at full zoom.

Yesterday, Bert came into the house in the morning and just stayed. He settled in on the living room sofa. Callie knew he was there, but just ignored him. That's great progress. After a while, he wanted to go outside. He still sleeps down in the garage, where he has a comfortable bed.

Vines in winter

Yesterday I "ripped" ("digitized") another 50 French music CDs. I "processed" Maxime Le Forestier, Gérard Lenorman, Maurane, Patachou, Florent Pagny, and Gérald de Palmas, among many others. I have about a quarter of our collection of French CDs to go, starting with Edith Piaf and including Véronique Sanson, Alain Souchon, and Laurent Voulzy. Whew! Then I'll attack the English-language music CDs — an approximately equal number.


  1. My brother Baron and I, myself, me are very glad to hear that cousin Bertie is back to his old self... like my brother, and that GingerMinger that now shares the house with us, the boys will just eat anything... moi, I stick to tins, packets and moths... oh, and the occasional crumb of bread and butter if the Staff is offering!
    For amusement, I like to assist the Staff when he is recording from those big, round, black discs... heading towards the rotating disc, or trying to put a paw out towards that arm that sits on the disc, really seems to sharpen his reactions... can't think why... I'm only trying to find out what that primitive machine does!

  2. Maxime Le Forestier--did he sing a song that includes the words Maria Bonita and El Salvador? I'd like to know the name of the song and the singer. It's someone with a rich voice.

    I'm glad to hear Bertie is back to normal.

  3. I like Le Forestier's voice, but those words in lyrics don't give me any clues.

  4. Oh, Carolyn, I found it. It's Bernard Lavilliers:


    This site gives the lyrics and plays the song (after some advertising).

  5. Wow! Quite a task!
    Glad to hear that Bertie and Callie are co-existing more comfortably :)


  6. that is real progress.....callie allowing bertie to stay in same room

  7. I like Maxime Le Forestier's The Blue House...I think that's the title when he lived in S.F. I was living in Palo Alto from 1968-72...not a hippie tho'.

  8. Mem, the title in French is just "San Francisco". Everybody in France knows the song (C'est une maison bleue, adossée à la colline, on y vient à pied. Ceux qui vivent là ont jeté la clé.)

  9. You seem to have all our French favorites!


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