28 June 2010

Supper outdoors

That's what we had yesterday. P. and J. arrived as scheduled, and by about 2:30 we were back from the train station in Onzain, a little town up on the Loire River right across from the famous Château de Chaumont-sur-Loire.

We had supper outside under the « barnum » at about 6:00. The weather is very warm right now — high 80s F in the shade — so it was pleasant. Walt had made a quiche lorraine and I bought some rillettes at the market — one kind was made with rabbit, the other ham. I made a dish of "Greeked mushrooms" — Champignons à la grecque. Here's a link to the recipe.

P. and J. are a little jet-lagged, having traveled for 20 hours and now adjusting to the nine-hour time difference from California to France. Today we are going to visit the mushroom caves over in Bourré, next to Montrichard and less than 10 miles down the river from Saint-Aignan.

I got up early this morning because I heard Callie the collie downstairs making some noise that sounded like she might be scratching at the door of what is now the guest bedroom. She probably doesn't understand all the changes in the house these days.

I didn't take any pictures yesterday. Too busy.


  1. Where's Bertie headquarted now?
    Wasn't he sleeping on the stored
    mattress from the guest room?

  2. So, can Callie get upstairs on her own yet?

    I'm looking forward to more stories of travels with the guests!


  3. A mushroom tour. That has to be different.


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