06 June 2010


Yesterday afternoon, I went and found Bertie — he was in the next-door neighbor's yard — and brought him up on the front terrace so we could spend some time with him. I was out on the road and just as I was scooping the cat up, other neighbors drove up, coming back home.

« Ton chat fait la sieste chez nous, tu sais », B. told me. « Là-haut, à l'étage. » "Your cat takes his afternoon nap at our house, you know. Up there, on the second floor." I didn't detect any rancor or disapproval. They were just pointing it out, with a slightly amused expression on their faces.

Bertie with Callie's tricky treat ball on the terrace yesterday

Just then Madame Le Maire du Village drove up too. She stopped her car in the middle of the street and got out to talk. She invited B & M over for a glass of wine today — she had invited us earlier. I said I didn't remember if I had told her we had a cat living with us now.

« Non, tu ne nous l'as pas dit », she answered, « mais on l'a déjà vu dans notre jardin. » No, you didn't tell us, but we've seen the cat in our yard. I was standing there with Bertie in my arms. I couldn't tell from her words and expression what she thought about the cat. I bet some of the other neighbors had already told her about him.

His closeup

He is such a friendly and affectionate cat — how could they could not like him? The other neighborhood cats won't let us get close to them. They seem completely sauvages. Not feral but stand-offish. Not like Bertie at all.


  1. He's a very aristocratic cat I can tell, and he's obviously made it his business to get to know his new neighbours. How could they not like the attention?

  2. He looks fine to me, but then I don't have a rural attitude to animals!

  3. bares-y-tapas seems to be a liar, because I found exactly the same comment on another blog. That's a lot of chances, isn't it? Also, it seems to be commercially oriented. And it is in Spanish to boot!

  4. chm, at least it's not a porn site that bares-y-tapas leads us to if we click on his name :) I had fun getting to read a Spanish website, so I don't mind:))

    Ken, we have 5 gorgeous little kittens downstairs in our back yard... alley cat kittens. I don't know what will happen to them (it's never good), but they are adorable now :))

    Bertie must be one calm kitty to be happy sitting in your arms while you chat to others outside! My cat loved me but squirmed like a nut whenever I picked her up.


  5. Well, he's not the first cat in the "hood" - so they can't mind him too much...And you're invited for a glass of wine, so all is well. :-) He is a handsome kitty.

  6. That seems odd behavior for the neighborhood cats.

  7. I think Bertie is a man about town... and who wouldn't love him taking a nap at their place? He's fabulous!

    Ken, I was thinking about you this week - I made butter from cream from my pal's jersey cow. I froze the cream to keep it for my coffee but most of it came together like butter anyway...a few shakes in a quart jar later and...voila. Butter. It rich and yellow like you can't get in stores around here. I'm eating it with bread every morning with strongly brewed coffee. I'm thinking you are doing the same thing there. Loved your Amish buggy story, btw...


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