25 June 2010

Saint-Aignan and a sleeping dog

Last night we were invited over for supper by Jacques, the contractor who did our attic conversion, and his wife Elisabeth. We were out late and I'm feeling the aftereffects this morning. Problem is, we have a lot of work to do today.

The château and church in Saint-Aignan
on a summer evening

Jacques and Elisabeth live on the opposite side of Saint-Aignan from us. As you'll see from the photos here, they have a stupendous view of the town's major monuments from their front patio.

A closer view of the château, looking west

It was nice enough for us to be comfortable sitting outside until after midnight. We watched the sunset over the town and enjoyed a good supper. This was after having settled our bill for the attic job. Writing that check was painful but unavoidable...

Sunset, 24 June 2010 — Walt took this one with my camera

Earlier in the day, I took this picture of Callie sleeping just inside the back door. The dog is doing what I'd like to be able to do today.

Callie napping in the afternoon sun

Temperatures are in the low 80s F in the afternoon, and that's good for the garden. We are just watching everything grow, and also getting the house ready for company next week. A week from now, we'll start painting the walls upstairs.


  1. Callie looks very relaxed - How is Bertie these days. We haven't seen much of him lately.

  2. That is, indeed, a very splendid view.

  3. How is Jacques recovering? Is he the one who got tangled up in his ladder on another job site, and ended up with a severely broken leg?

    The views from their patio are amazing! Thanks for taking the shots for us :)


  4. I love the sunset photo, seeing that must have made writing that check easier;)

    Verifying with "ploger";)

  5. Judy, this Jacques is not the one who broke the two bones in his lower leg by falling off a scaffold. That Jacques is the one called Coco, age 58. This one is 59 and married to Elizabeth. He's lived in Saint-Aignan since the age of 20.

    Evelyn, you are right. It's only money.

    Leon, Bertie is doing just fine but we don't see him much in the daytime. He's out roaming all day. Last night we left here at 6:00 or so and Bertie wasn't around. When we got home after midnight, he still hadn't come in. We left the garage window open and he was there when I took his food down to him at 7:00. He was still sleeping in there at about 10:00 -- he must have had a rough night (like me). Then he wandered off again, doing whatever cats do all day.

  6. That sunset photo is absolutely gorgeous. I guess I should thank Walt (and your camera).

    Isn't this the perfect time of year? Warm weather, long evenings, sunshine, greenery and flowers everywhere....

  7. Oh, I would kill for a view like Jacques'.

  8. Starman, I bet if you offered him enough he would sell you the place.

    Carolyn, this weather is amazing. We are trying to take advantage of it, but we are also moving furniture around in the house. Then we have to start painting.

  9. I cant wait to see this skyskape and view. Reading your posts make me so excited to be coming over, I want to be there yesterday.


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